How to punish wesker?

I am having problems beating wesker players , i play hawkeye against him when he does a combo and ends in a launch and i block , i immediately try to launch him back but he recovers so fast he blocks it and combo me after . It seems most of his moves are safe???

Whats a good strategy against wesker ?

It really depends for me if he’s wants to LVL4 X-Factor, I just snap him in and kill him ASAP.
Since people can’t seem to figure out that Felicia’s rolling bucker ~ slide hits high then low, Wesker’s an easy game for me.
Teleports are somewhat easily punished if you are pro at grab resets.
Play Keep away.

Don’t use Hawkeye’s launcher to punish. The start up is a little. Try using B maybe or slide? I have to go test this. Are they normally X-factored when trying to do this?

Keep away is a good strat for Wesker. Especially with Hawkeye.

His launcher can be punished with a throw if timed correctly and not pushblocked.

In general some of the best ways to punish Wesker are to punish his L teleports, which have enough recovery to punish with a light/medium depending on the throw. He can cancel his L teleport with THC however and if your opponent has a character who’s THC super is invincible e.g. Spencer you can get punished.
You can attempt to throw him out of his H teleport, though he can tech it. Try to do it when you know he’s coming down with a j.:s: if he’s not in X-Factor or backed by an assist.

You’re also playing Hawkeye, so zone him.

Lol he’s a GOD

His teleport is punishable.

i zone the hell out of him with taskmaster then wait for them to
A. fuck up then use his shield push
B. get hit by an arrow close to me and then do his shield push

Other than launcher, are any of Wesker’s attacks (outside of his supers) unsafe on block? No matter what I can’t seem to punish him with normals or I get out beat out by his low attacks. Even after he hits me while I’m blocking. Well unless I’m using Taskmaster and I shields skills him lol. <br>