How to Punish with Juri?



**I have just started playing Super Street Fighter 4 and after messing around with Cammy I decided to go with Juri as a main. I have most things down, the only thing I am struggling with is punishing unsafe strings.

I went through quite a few threads but couldn’t find any combo’s that were confirmed as being usable for punishment purposes.

If someone could offer a few combo’s that would be great. Not too advanced though as I am still getting basic combo’s down.


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The best punish that Juri has (not inluding using FSE / U2), and thats not really difficult timing wise / execution wise, is cr.hp > EX pinwheel. It does 280 dmg and only uses 1 meter, and its not hard at all. without meter, just do cr.hp> Hk pinwheel.


Cool, those will be great to begin with.

Thanks dude


That’s what I use most of the time. High damage, easy input.


yeah what K1 said he knows his stuff i use this most of the time when i have the chance. =]


depends heavily on the move that was whiffed/blocked. please refer to the frame data for that character to find out what they’re block disadvantage or recovery is on the move. Then refer to juri’s frame data to see what she could do vs that.


Yeah, you only go cr.hp if opponent is crumpled, recovering, in the corner or whiffs a reversal. Otherwise it’s way too slow for a normal and has crap range.

Usually you want to use the fastest pokes with longest range and the most stun. Juri’s best pokes are: close (fastest and best frame advantage on hit/block), (lowers hitbox), (for AA) and far (airborne and travels some distance). And of course don’t forget her overhead (forward + mk). is what you use to “fish” (footsies, counter hits). It’s decent speed and range plus you can cancel into any special.


You just gotta research. On a dropped spiral arrow combo I would just sclk > store. It was safe and quick. Someone said “punish that harder”. I looked up and found that I could easily c.hp xx hk pinwheel to punish.

Just something to make the match easier.

Gotta go with frame data.