How to put a LS-32-01 in a Hori MVC3 and HRAP VX-SA

not sure if this is the right place to post half assed tutorials and success stories. if you don’t know already, the MVC3 stick is a real arcade pro VX-SA. the mod is the same for both. this is the stock sanwa JLF in my Hori MVC3 stick.

this is what I used. its a LS-32-01

all done

the 4 screws that hold the JLF are self tapping, save them. you only need two. its pretty obvious where they go once you drop in the seimitsu and line up the holes. it is tight the first time tapping those two holes. you need to really force it when you screw it in. you should have no problems as long as you go in straight. you need to flip the harness over so the black touches C on the PCB of the LS-32-01. don’t try to stretch your harness over the side of the PCB, its not worth it.