How to "quiet" a Seimitsu ls-32-01 when hitting the restrictor plate?


Just replaced the joystick on the MadCatz SE with a ls-32-01(02). The responsiveness is alot better BUT, it is very noisy and annoying when hitting the restrictor plate. The Madcatz was very quiet and i would basically only hear the microswitch.

Is this the restrictor plate or the material of the joystick itself the cause of this? How can i get it to be as quiet as the Madcatz was?


if its soft it wont be loud :slight_smile: that should help.

describe the gate on the SE’s stick.


I have this same beef with the LS-32. It’s really loud when hitting the gate. I just think the gate material is different than what the sanwa gates are made out of which makes the vibration more. IDK, but it’s annoying.


i have been thinking of adding some foam pieces to my sticks, worth a shot


the ls-32 is a larger mass hitting against a metal control panel, it’s gonna make a lot of noise. The SE’s control panel being metal has more to do with it than anything.


It’s a knockoff of the JLF Square gate. Only it can’t be set to dedicated 4-way.


Can’t be that, the stock SE was pretty quiet. Someone mentioned foam but i don’t think that will work long term it will just be eaten away.

Maybe someone can recommend a “softer” gate compatible with the ls-32???


the stock stick was also much lighter all plastic, the ls-32 is much heavier and uses a lot of metal. The louder noise is the combination of the heavy ls-32 and the metal control panel. Save for using it in another case it’s gonna be that loud.