How to rank tournament players?

So I run a tournament site here on Guam We host a lot of Street Fighter IV tournaments along with some other games and we have our ranking system setup here.

The way we rank is my match win/loss ratio, then game win/loss ratio, then by # of match win and lastly by the # of game wins. The problem with that is that one person could come in and win one tournament and stay on top with his 1.00 ratio.

We have though of other ways to do it. Like total wins (but that would rank someone 30-50 over someone who is 20-0) & by giving points for matches won (but again, over time someone who plays A LOT and goes is 50-50 could be ranked higher than someone who is 25-0). Lastly, we looked at win/loss spread (again, it can benefit the player who is fairly good, plays more and is 60-30 over the player who can’t make EVERY tourney but is 29-0).

Also, a big problem with ALL of the systems is that someone who is good enough can intentionally take a loss in the first round of a double elimination tournament just to get more wins (since you have more matches in the loser’s bracket).

Does anyone have a good way of ranking players? If it helps, the tourney data I have in my database holds the winner/loser of every match, and the game score (2-0, 2-1, etc.) and I am able to retrieve the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place competitors in every tourney.

placements. this is a tournament, not a league; i don’t care if your win rate is 80% if you can’t place top 3.

I think snaek is right when he says that placements is what counts for a tournament.
You can add win rate of the games for an overall idea of how he did in individual matches.

Also worth noting, there isn’t much meaning to anyone outside of top 2/3.

Blind pick with everybody’s name written on little pieces of paper then picked randomly from a hat.

  1. Godlike, yo
  2. Really good
  3. Good
  4. Decent
  5. Still learning
  6. Scrub

I’d be 5