How to rc electricity?

i know the trick is to input 3 punches, roll, punch to rc electricity, but shit is it hard to do. I really dont rc, in fact i could only rc moves with no motions and just 3 buttons to press. i let go of the joystick and press lp+lk with my left hand and the 2 buttons with my right. is there an easy way to do this or do i have to practice for my whole life?

being the only decent a-groover in my place, id love to add blanka under my sleeve.

You can’t be in a neutral state when you RC the electricty (ie. you have to whiff something first or use it as a reversal).

It’s easy. Just practice (and do it with one hand). Piano, then generic RC button press (lp+lk, hp).

just looking around the forums and checking some things out. i am reading all this blanka strat and theres one problem… eveyone is talking about rc with blanka… but this denotes all the strat that i read cause i have the xbox version of cvs2 and they took out rc… so i have to reley on my own strat cause i havent seen no one here post some strat on a non rc blanka.