How to read frame data

ok this can be a stupid thread for many of you but i need to know

i have this:

how can i read it? (beside the japanese kanji decifration)
also i see in various posts things like

what the hell those 1/2/3/+/o mean?

Can be blocked standing or crouching
Frame advantage (one is hit, one is block, dunno the other)
selfcancel(rapid fire)/special cancel/super cancel - x is yes, o is no

From left to right:
–Guard Level (Standing or crouching)
–Number of Hits
–Can’t see the kanji
–“Counter (damage?)”
–Can’t read kanji
–“Gauge” (how much meter it builds, maybe?)
–Points/score (???)

thanx a lot to both

and the kanji near the key such as A B C or D how are translated?
i’m sure that they refers to standing-close-crouching-jumping and stuff

–Close standing
–Far standing
–Neutral Jumping
–Diagonal Jumping
–Super Jumping
–Short Jumping

thx shiki…and where can i read the startup/hitting/recovery thing?

maybe if whiffed?
oh…it don’t make much sense