How to really get into my opponents head?



how and where do I acquire such an item?


Buy it from David Sirlin. $8.95 + shipping/handling for the first chapter. Each subsequent chapter raises the price exponentially depending on…umm…current market value?

And just to be safe, let’s just report this thread.


You have to do the same thing every other conman does, the setup and the execution. When you are playing a 100% new person and neither of you have ever seen each other, the amount of mindgames you can apply is pretty low - they will hopefully be expecting everything. You have to realize what patterns there are to the fight, and then exploit those patterns.

For example:
Lay down a long combo consisting of a bunch of normals, and the next time you go for the same combo but drop it early and go for a counter-hit or a throw. You can’t practice Yomi because Yomi is more of a label you apply to something after the fact, it’s like asking “how do I make my opponent block the wrong way?”, the only answer is to trick them.

Not sure what you can expect out of this thread though.


Simple, everybody except you of course falls for the same trick. Buy a book and learn that trick.


I think you need to be a certified surgeon to do such a thing.


Wear a skimpy outfit. They’ll be uncomfortable or aroused.




I just remembered that one MK9 player from last year…


And THAT my friends is called maximization.


Do the same thing 3 times in a row.

Doesn’t matter if he punishes it or not.

Just keep doing it for a round.

He’ll be like “Damn, 3 jumps in a row, that was fucking stupid! Now, he’s learned his-OH FUCK HE JUMPED AGAIN AND I DIDN’T ANTI AIR NOW HE HAS OKI”.


Pick your character and then right when they start to pick a character to counter pick it, cancel out the selection and choose someone else.

Pull stylish combos. Doesn’t matter if they do jack squat or if they do a lot. The harder to execute, the better the mind fuck.


This is a bad post.

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