How to recognize a common ground MS wired gamepad

Hi everybody,

First of all , sorry for my english.

New to the forum ,recently i bought my copy of SF4 and of course i’m here to build my own stick arcade.:smile:

Actually apart reading forums to collect infos, i bought the pushbuttons,joystick and nearly finished the case and ordered the plexiglass , even chosed the art.

Big next step is to wire 2 pcb in the case: PSX and XBOX360.

I watched theses two photos of XBOX360 controllers @ slagcoin(great site) :

older version :

new version :

the question is :

How do you recognize the latest version, withouth opening the gamepad of course because i’m tracking the ebay and obviously can’t ask sellers to unmount the pad to control.

the differences i see :

in the latest version the garbage icon is on the left of “XBOX 360 CONTROLLER” , on the top for the early version.

The serial number starts with X81…in the latest , and start with X80 in the early version.

Any clue how can i recognize them externaly??

Thx much and sorry if its allready asked somewhere in the forums.:blush:

Ps : sorry i just discovered the noobie thread…

If you take off the battery pack on the back and look at the circuit board which is exposed near the spring terminals at the bottom area… you can look for the markings which indicate which board type you have. From my experience you cannot tell by the sticker under the battery pack alone- you must see the actual circuit board.

I read somewhere (can’t recall where) that you can tell from the controller’s casing. That the bottom part on the non common ground controllers are painted a metallic silver. While the common ground ones are just flar grey.

Not really. I had a wired controller that had the proper common-ground stickers, proper common-ground casing, yet it was still a non-CG board. It’s unreliable as hell.

There is NO common ground M$ wired pad.

This one has a common line but it’s not ground (you can’t use it for a dual PCB mod):

after a couples reads more, i figured that the rare “externaly certified” common ground controller for xbox360 is the madcatz gamepad with serial number “4716”.
Around 25$ here in europe, think i’ll go with this one

thx for answers.