How to record Input while playing online? So i can record to avi later?


nataku said ctrl + shift… but that doesn’t work.

figured it out :slight_smile:

You mind telling me how you record any game at all while playing without it being laggy even offline? Cuz I can’t seem to succeed doing that much less trying it online.

start the game recording input, not recording video

then place the input back and record the video

to start the process online hold LEFT CTRL + LEFT SHIFT before the game starts. mame will show a msg that will tell u what file it is being saved as.

hmm, i’m trying that. Still lags…

I somewhat got the hang of it, anyway to turn it into a file I can put on youtube?

So what’s the best way to record it to a video file later?

if you’re asking about recording an online match from the playback menu in the p2p client, i have yet to find a good way, apart from just recording the screen with a regular digicam or something. unless, someone knows a better way…

Download a screen recorder like Fraps or Camtasia.

how do i get it to stop lagging…are there specific options that are needed or something…how do i change it to put it on youtube…

there needs to be a tutorial for this stuff…im sorry if these were asked before…im just rly frustrated with this thing


sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, but i just figured out how to record p2p matches to avi without fraps or any screen capturing programs. getting a good capture with fraps requires fast cpu and fast hard drives. with this way, i think you can get perfect video, even if your computer is a piece of shit, because the recording is done in mame, which you can set to record all frames.

my setup:
mameppk .119
nov02 client
some matches recorded with p2p client (.krec files)

  1. most crucial step. in the mame window, go to Options -> Kaillera Client Options. check the “Kaillera record input” and “Local record input” boxes (maybe u only need the kaillera box, i dunno, i just checked both).

  2. now open up the p2p client and change mode to Playback. play your recorded match.

  3. when it’s done playing, you should have a new .inp and .trc file in your “inp” folder in the mame directory. (mine were called sfiii3n_k00). you can now use the inp file in the “replay(inp) to AVI Record” option in mame! do that now.

  4. in the AVI RECORD window, set your framerate accordingly. for 3rdstrike, set framerate to 60.0. also, check the “Convert 16bit to 24bit” option (for some reason it doesn’t work otherwise). file partition… not a big deal, can always join segments together later (i use avisynth for that). screen size for 3rdstrike is 384x224. and the only other box i have checked is “Frame Compose”, which i know nothing about, it’s just checked. hit OK, select where you want your avi file, hit OK.

  5. before the game starts, you’ll be prompted to pick which codec to use to compress your video. i pick the huffy lossless codec, because it’s the shit, but of course you don’t have to. just don’t do uncompressed because there’s no need to.

  6. ok, so now the game loads, type ok, hit ok. now you’ll need to know what your “AVI Record” button is. check by hitting Tab, then select “Input (general)”, then go to “Special Controls”, then at the very bottom is the “AVI Record” that you’re looking for. (there’s a “Record movie” option in “User Interface” menu, but that’s the wrong one.)

once u hit your AVI Record button, you’ll notice that the game slows down. that is because every frame is being recorded. depending on which codec you chose, your resulting video may or may not play smoothly in your media player, but after being compressed (into divx, h.264, wmv, anything with higher compression than lossless or uncompressed) it should play smoothly.

hope this helps!! now it shouldn’t be a problem to get casual and tourney matches up on youtube. :slight_smile:

edit: when you’re playing normally, you don’t need to check the “Kaillera record input” or “Local record input” boxes. you just need “Record game” in the p2p client.

Yeah, thanks dude!

lol i hate figuring things out on my own LOL i did the same steps…i just had to piece everything together from the first post here…good shit though…if you also have a digital camera and video editing software you can do this…i plan on doing this for the team tournament coming up next week


i used my digital camera to record the audio outside of the game or in tournament terms “crowd noise” which is why you hear my stick at the same time as the actual gameplay and you can use Ulead studios to put everything together including editing for names during matches…takes at least 10 min to do everything if you know what you’re doing

Can someone here PLEASE help me? I’ve been googling my feckin arse off trying to get this working.

I have followed all the steps here, but I still have one issue I cannot solve:

When I’m done recording my file, when I go to play it back all I get is a black screen but I do get the audio.

Sometimes a tiny line would be showing at the bottom of the screen as if the video had been squashed to a hight of only 1 pixel or something.

Googing has only gotten some random post somewhere where some guy says something like “Make sure you put in all the right settings in the AVI record section or all you will get is a black screen with audio”

But what the flying feck ARE the right settings damn it! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr:arazz: :shake::sad:

Cheers in advance :slight_smile:

hmm check to see if it happens when you load the game itself…cuz if it happens there then i think i know what the problem is

load the game itself? Nah man I can play online NP and I can watch back all the replays NP. The only issue is when converting those replays to video files.

I have tried compressing with different codecs, I have been messing with the settings but I dunno wtf some of them do. Everything gives me a video with just the audio of the replay.

And YES I did tell it to record both video and audio.

This has been doing me head in for days now grrrrrrrr:mad:


nah i meant as in playing the game in mame itself (offline)…you can check the system menu (f2) and check the game configuration and see if the screen is flipped…it wont affect online play but idk about the replays but its worth a check


hmmm well when I play offline everything is fine also (the screen is not flipped)

I can’t read Japanese so I can’t mess with the options on F2.

DAMN IT :frowning:

So I’m guessing this is some rare problem or something?

Is there no guide anywhere that 100% explains what everything does in mame 117? no?

Like there’s so many options and boxes to tick but I’ve no idea what most of 'em do.

Just to say, in case anyone else runs into this, I sorted it.

It seems I pretty much HAVE to use the “huffy lossless codec” for it to work. As no other codec I tried would work.

Just means I have to encode it afterwards with virtualdub (good free program btw) to make it divx or whatever.

Thanks anyway though SF3LP! :wgrin:

no problem…at least you found one that works