How to record matches from xbox and post online


Uh yeah so I’m pretty much new to playing fighting games and whatnot. I was wondering if anyone knew how to record matches on xbox live and then upload them onto youtube or any other website. Reason is, I really wanna record myself playing and post it here so I can get some feedback on how I’m using my characters in sfxt.
Any ideas?


As far as I know, you’ll need a capture card of some sort. Once you have that, you can record 'em and upload 'em like any other video. There’s no 360-exclusive way to do it or anything, or no YT upload option like 3s had.


Is the rumor about the Xbox 720 having a built in DVR/PVR true?



Purchase a capture-card, install it on your tv and computer, and upload to your heart’s content.

The cheaper option, is just to record your TV using a camcorder or phone (most phones have camcorder functions in them), and just upload that shit to youtube. It will look ghetto and ugly, but at least you’ll get your footage posted online. For best results, rig up a make-shift stand to place your camera on, so don’t you get any shakiness in your footage.

Don’t thread-jack. Also, there have been no verified rumors about the Xbox 720, just potentially leaked info. Go find that info on another thread, create another thread asking about it in the right section, or use them googles and youtubes to find out more rumors.


just replay the matches from your battle log and record them with a handheld camera or phone.


I saw an ad for GameCapture which Roxio makes. Haven’t looked in to it, but it’s worth mentioning as I am looking to do the same eventually.


I think PVR’s cost maybe $200. So if money isn’t an issue pick one up. My dude phil uses an HD one and all his gameplay vids come out crystal clear.


Oh sweet. Well thanks for all the info guys. Much appreciated. Gonna go find myself a capture card.


Hauppauge is a good choice. They recently released a new gaming version hauppauge hd pvr gaming edition. Comes with everything you need to start recording and uploading.

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