How to record nfba matches

I want to record some of my matches on nfba. I downloaded fraps and when I try it with mame I drop to like 20fps and it lags horribly, and when I try it on nfba it says loading error real big in the top right corner when I press f9 to start recording. Is there a built in recorder or is there one out there that is less system intensive I have 1gig of ram and a 3.2 low end pentium processor with a nvidia 7800.

Wrong section dude. This goes in the computer and handheld matchmaking section.

But to answer your question,look through the nfba thread in there. I posted on how to use the built in recorder. The dtr9 has some of the steps already taken care of.

oops edit

Miss understood you. I just posted a Camtasia guide as well.

I just read all 9 pages of the nfba thread and I didnt see any answer to why it says loading error when I try an use fraps with nfba. Its running in a window butthw window is maximized. I’m going to try an lower my resolution to 640 are there any other settings in nfba I need to change to get fraps to work properly with it.

k I got it to work with nfba I had to neable fullscreen but it still lags like a whore. What is the min system requirements for recording nfba with fraps? Is there any other video recorder that is alot less system intensive? I have everything turned way down in fraps and I am not recording sound.