How to record on MAME

I have a question.

How do you record on MAME?

I am sorry Brain if I ask this, but I don’t remember how to do it anymore. I have been away so long that I can’t remember. I remember you push contro + something else, but I don’t remember. I know there is some guide here on how to do it, but I didn’t quite get it. Can you help me man? Any one? I want to record some matches for our website. Thanks!!


Hold Left Shift + Left CTRL before you (or someone) hits “Start Game”. Keep held until after the game is loaded.
The .inp and .trc should show up in mame/inp folder.

YEs, it works!!

Thanks a lot man :slight_smile:

I appreciate the help.


godweapon is really crappy when recording. if you want to record a match play on anti3d

not to sure why its so crapy but i used to host tournaments on gw and i recorded just fine I even host the tourney vids and they run smooth