How to redeem season pass

Now that the store is up, how the hell do you redeem the season pass stuff? Like the premium costumes, etc.?

“redeem”? You just “purchase” them there once they become available. Right now only Fight Money purchasable stuff is available, everything else is locked until Capcom fixes Zenny

No, you just have the stuff. Unless Capcom also made Alex’s premium costume free(temporarily) and I missed out on it. I was just able to use it.

Being that this is season 1 are we going to have buy mutiple season passes as they come out???

this is the 2016 season pass.
so yes, you will have to buy the other ones which will follow in the coming years to buy to when you want that content they offer.

You have, confirmed as now

6 DLC char
6 Premium Costumes (the ones of DLC char)
1 Free stage in early future

Will be nice have like 50% of discount over FM stuff

Doesn’t Season Pass get all the Premium costumes when they’re released, for all characters (in 2016)?

"About This Content
Contains 6 additional characters: Alex, Guile, Ibuki, Balrog, Juri, and Urien, each with a premium alternate costume, for Street Fighter® V. "


Only thing available right now is Alex premium costume.

So that means I will have spent well over 180 something dollars for dlc… Welp, time to start grinding for fight money…

This dude know the truth, P4P best poster imho