How to reheat french fries without making them taste disgusting

There are tons of things you can use

  • put them in a container that “steams” them, then into the microwave, make sure to put extra salt on them

*sprinkle them with water and use old bay

  • spread on foil and put in oven

I think the last option is the only way to do it. Hell frozen fries are just partially deep-fried aren’t they?

Cover them in some egg-wash, cover them in some seasoned flour/tempura/panko, then re-deep-fry those babies.

Or batter them up, and re-deep-fry those babies.

Or just re-deep-fry those babies.

Or melt some butter on a pan and fry dem babies… Toss in some diced garlic too.

Or just stew dem in chili.

There’s nothing you can do outside of deep-frying them.

Don’t eat fries.


Because onion rings are better.

I love fries and onion rings.

If you guys have never tried it, go get some sweet potato fries. They are really good. You usually get a special dip depending on the restaurant, but it’s usually a garlic/ranch/thousand islandy type dip. The local place I go to has a light tempura coating on them to give them a nice crispy texture.

From the top of my head, a mainstream place you can get them is at Dave ‘n’ Busters. Although I was disappointed that they didn’t have any special dip for them. Still good plain or with ranch.

I usually take sweet potato fries with sugar.

What’s wrong with putting them back in the microwave for a few seconds?
Or am I committing blasphemy now?

You like soft fries?

I agree that oven, and more ideally a toaster oven, is the way to go for re-heating. In fact oven is the way to go for re-heating almost anything.

I haven’t tried them with sugar. The sauce I eat with them is sweet, though. I’ll try the sugar next time. A quick search through Google shows people eat sweet potato fries from a variety of things, ranging from brown sugar, curry ketchup, to cajun seasonings. Looks to be a very versatile snack.

SoaG: I think OP is talking about restoring fries to their original state or making them better. I notice in many attempts to heat up some leftover fries that it leaves this strange dry and almost powdery type of texture/staleness. But of course, if you don’t mind it, then no worries.

Sometimes I just pan fry them without any oil til they are slightly browning. It recrispens them a bit.

It’s super dynamic, deep frying time!

This thread is rediculous. But at the same time I always wanted to know how to fix my left over fries. Thanks SRK :slight_smile:

Eat all the fries first before getting to the burger.

Nothing you can do other than to re-deep fry them, which is pretty shitty, you might as well make them all over again. Frying them might actually make the inside completely mushy and the outside extra crunchy and disgusting, like a deep fried gummy worm. Yuck.

Once fries are stale its a lost cause.

EDIT: sweet potato fries are the bomb

When it comes to fries I use this article as a bible.

Yo McCain Oven Fries are the only way to go. Every other chip is dreck that serves only to pad out the meal with cheap, tasteless fried crap.

Deep frying them isn’t worth the hassle. get new fries

true story!