How to remove microswitches from stock JLF?

im wanting to put my cherrys in there… but cant figure out to remove them… anyone know?


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no dude im not retarded lol i can figure that out… what i mean is how do i take off the microswitches from the pcb

You don’t for the cherry mod… You could desolder them off I suppose but you’re not even supposed to do that, just follow the video.

Watching the video is your friend, little guy.

You just replace the whole TP-MA (Microswitch PCB Assembly) with individual Cherry Microswitch.
No doing of soldering off the MS-O-2P Microswitch from PCB.

So take off the PCB, put in Cherry.

huh? plz explain more… i have a TE stick with stock jlf that im trying to mod with cherrys… didnt know you had to soldier that sucks

I said you do not need to solder.
Just take off the whole PCB Assembly.

After you take off, just put Cherry in the JLF.

Did not you watch the linked video?

dude how can you use the cherrys if its not connected to the pcb? what are you gonna attach to the prongs of each microswitch? yes i watched the video and he solders in it

I don’t think anyone should answer him any more. He’s just not trying.

Not to put you down man but if this confuses you then you’re better off not even trying the cherry mod man… Did you already buy the cherry switches?

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Bomberman said to not answer.

i concur

i disagree

thanks for the help jdm… seems simple to do, not much to solder, and alvin can go fuck himself and to all the other haters

Your neg rep will be increasing greatly very soon. Enjoy it.

lol. there is no soldering

why do u say there is no soldering? jdm just explained to me in a pm that there is, just like the video. i dont care for neg rep man i just come on this site for tips and shit i dont go on it regularly like other forums where i sorta care about that stuff

Girn, why are you even modding your stick if you can’t do such a simple mod without being a complete ass?

last time i checked, the stock JLF uses the pcb with the 4 microswitches already on it. modding the stick to use cherry switches would make you have no wires connected to the microswitches. so unless you know some magical way to connect your 5pin harness to the new microswitches you installed, youre gonna have to do something that PROBABLY requires soldering or using QDs. so fuck everyone in here who said theres nothing else he has to do besides put in the new switches.