How to remove microswitches from stock JLF?

how am i being an ass?, and thanks erik its confusing when people tell you different things… it seems simple enough to solder, bridge all the grounds then solder l,r,u,d wires respectively

For some reason he thinks he needs to use the JLF’s PCB, like, mounting the cherry switches in place of where the JLF’s switches are. However that is NOT what you do in this case (though I believe it’s possible). Just watch the second video, all you do is put the four cherry switches in place and then run the wiring from each switch.

Plus I am distributing some delicious neg rep to everyone who can’t let this thread die tomorrow. It’s gonna be tasty.

Seems more like a bunch of people talking non stop shit on a simple question that half the people in here answered incorrectly.

Hey, I was pretty straightforward on what to do so ey’ :cool:

I dont know what you guys expect besides confusion when you say, DONT NEED TO SOLDER. DONT NEED TO SOLDER, when you just linked a video where you end up soldering.

take off the pcb.
put in your switches.
figure out your method of connecting to the pcb. (cutting off the end of the harness, or desoldering the points on the main pcb and soldering your own wires. not sure if this is out there, but maybe you can get a male end of the 5 pin, plug it into the female end of the harness and use those wires, so you dont need to cut anything, just solder points to the stick)
daisychain switches for the ground VIA soldering or using QDs
wire the rest of it up and play.

lol you need to re-read the thread man. no actually i’ll just show you.

hence why people were saying you don’t need to solder the cherry switches in place of the old ones. stop trying to be such a hero, jesus.

yeah, im sure he got that when the first person said not to desolder from the jlf pcb. then people keep saying DONT SOLDER ANYTHING.

not being a hero, its just annoying when people misinform people, and then talk shit to them for listening.

i suppose, but the video did show the entire process so it just seems like he was mindlessly asking questions.

Close this fucking thread already.


yep. question answered.