How to remove pins from a 10p connector?

I just got a kick harness wired up to this connector for a genuine extra button loom from sega for my astro. The guy that wired it up took a guess on how the pinout was since sega doesn’t make these kick harnesses anymore. My question is how do I remove the pins so that I can rearrange them? Here’s the connector I’m talking about.

This should similarly apply:

How To: Remove/Install Female-Male Molex Connector

Basically you just need something a little long and thin that you can get into the connector to free the pins. They have a barb or catch on them that prevents pulling out normally, just depress that tiny catch and pull from the back, and it should come loose. It’s tricky though.

I tried everything on these pins and nothing removes them. I ordered a Molex removal kit. Hopefully the tweezers or that extra thin pin like tool will take these wires out.

Those connectors are AMP Universal Power, not Molex. Here’s the datasheet of the official extraction tool so you can figure out how it works. It’s pretty simple and you can do the same with a small flathead screwdriver. You can get the official tool from Digikey but it’s 40 dollars.