How to remove Sanwa OBSFS-30 Snap In buttons safely?

Hey there. Obviously the question I’m asking is in the title of the discussion, but just a little background - I do have experience in (aesthetically) modding Fightsticks. I’ve done 3 so far, 2 MadCatz SEs, a MadCatz VS, and my latest project is a TE2. I bought new buttons, but they’re the Silent Sanwa Snap Ins, and I’d like to put them in. I don’t have the new art or the new plexi, so they’d have to come back out when doing the replacement, since I’ll be ordering plexi from Art’s Hobbies.

That being said, I don’t exactly know how to safely remove the Sanwa Snap Ins without damaging the tabs on the side. They always end up staying pressed in too far after being popped out, and for some reason, I can’t seem to find any info online about getting them out safely. If anyone can shed some light on this, it’d be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

can’t you just squeeze the tabs from the inside and push it out?

As far as I’m aware, that’s the only way to do it, but when I use that method to remove them, the tabs don’t come back out. They fold in, almost. I’m trying to prevent that so I can reuse them, if that makes sense.

ah I see. The tabs in the buttons I have come back out just fine.

Some people are just ham-handed, like myself. I broken my fair share of Snap-in buttons.
One of the reasons why I now prefer Screw-in instead.

Take your time, and only push in the tabs enough to pop out the button.
Don’t force the tabs to go in all the way in. It sometimes takes some practice which also means you possibly break a button along the way.

Between those stupid ridges you have to shave off and the little wiggle room you have for your fingers to squeeze the tabs, I’ve broken just about all of my OBSF-30RGs (harder to snap in and easier to break than your standard OBSF-30s, in my opinion).

But from that, I learned there’s a finesse to taking out snap-in buttons.

[]Only use your fingers to press the tabs. It’s very easy to break the tabs using a screwdriver if you’re tight on space. And if you’re tight on space, try to rotate the button in the panel so you have more space.
]Don’t press the tabs in farther than edge of the button itself.
[]When taking a button out, push in only one of the tabs in first, and push that side of the button out of the panel.
]Push down that side of the button again, but leave your fingernail in between the top of the panel and the button rim so the button doesn’t snap in again. You want the button almost level.
[*]Push the other tab in and pop the button out.

Works for me, anyway…

Ended up busting two of the stock buttons, but managed to save the other 6 using this. Thanks a ton, I really appreciate it!

Ah, you’re all set then!

Here are two plugs, and welcome to SRKTT.

use OBSN.

fuck your color scheme.

seriously though, these things are designed based on the fact that the buttons stay in an arcade cabinet, until they break, they you take them out and toss it. These products, designed over 15 years ago or more did not have fightstick modding and repeated install/uninstalling in mind, so this kind of wear is a by product of archaic design choices.

that said… use screw ins. and fuck your color scheme.

Pop the plunger out and carefully push the tabs from the inside back outwards with something hard, so that they rest sitting out of the button like they should. Of course if your plastic is too fatigued at that point they may just break off when you try that. I haven’t had that happen personally though.