How To: Replace the Ultimate All Stars music with the Character Themes from CGoH

.ssd converter needs to happen ASAP.

heres an interesting post i read about adding your own music
hope this helps

I’ll wait for an hopefully much easier way to do this… Like in SSBB, where I have a program to replace songs.

There’s a program?

No freaking way. Either I missed it or this is a feature on some other program.

Uh… Not to detract from the topic, but:

Automatically converts your MP3/OGG/WAVs to BRSTM and replaces whatever song you want.

TvC uses .srt/.ssd files, not .brstm, so that program is pointless and quite useless for this.

Also unless you rewrite the headers of the .srt with the correct coefficients, the songs you add to this will play faulty. This is not as trivial as replacing music on marvel which was swap and go.

And for those wondering, yes, you can import your own music to the game. I’d be posting a guide soon enough when i have the time to do it.

Er, you kinda missed the point. I originally said that I’ll wait for a program similar to SSBB’s only for Tats’ music files, then Smashbros said “there be a program like zat?” to which I replied the above.
I never implied it worked for Tats, but anyway, if someone could pull off something like Brawl’s music replacement only for Tatsunoko, it would be awesome.

On the subject of Homebrew… Have there been any good texture hack mods?