How to reproduce lag in training mode

I play online since I haven’t joined my local sf community

In training mode I practice some very strict 1 frame links, and I feel quite comfortable, but because online there are slight differences in lag, my visual cues are misinterpreted and I miss my link.

So instead of beating the head and giving up playing online (which most seem to do out of frustration)
How would I reproduce online lag (increase, decrease etc) to reproduce the same input lag in training mode?

I believe practice makes perfect and if I’m able to reproduce the same setting in training I could overcome that input barrier and rely more on the buttons timing then visual/auditory timing.

practice makes perfect :karate:

So how would any of you recommend to increase lag (cables, whatever monitor setting, etc…)
I’m sticking with the t.e. stick so changing controller to produce lag isn’t an option.

It really makes a lot more sense just to start playing matches locally. By all means, keep playing online if you find it fun, but just don’t take it too seriously.

I don’t actually have a copy of SF IV but you’re using a monitor? Does that mean you’re running the PC version? If so when it comes to lag I do have one thought based upon my general experience watching Lets Play commentaries on Youtube: Use a screen capture program if possible, they can be real resource hogs and lead to slowdown and/or choppiness. If one isn’t enough perhaps you could stack several other programs on the side for a similar effect…