How to Reset Player Points and Battle Points?

I really want to reset my points for the reason that I am more comfortable of playing rank from the start. It is because when I got my points, I did not know how to do bnbs, it just I just won against how many players in rank. And since I am learning those bnbs and other tactics now, it seems that it is awkward to see my points.

So anybody knows how to reset Player Points and Battle Points?

lose a shit ton after getting to B is basically the only way

You can’t reset them. Just do what several people do. Create a new gamertag to find out their win % will stay the same and player points float in the 1500 area. Not sure why people think they will get more points by starting over but whatever…

Your PP doesn’t really affect who you get matched up with, so resetting is kind of pointless in my opinion. Just play who you play and win the matches that you can, the points will sort themselves out if you’ve improved as a player.

just play on ranked and quit before game ends. you lose over 200 BP and 130 PP each time