How to run Ranking Battles?


I just wanted to know if anyone had some information on how to run Ranking Battles, specifically for SF4. I want to run a local ranbat for me and a group of friends who are big into Street Fighter. Hopefully, if I can get something good going, we can get more people involved.



Hit up and there is also another thread with almost the same similar ranbat format. If you like, I use this> down below. It’s pretty much the same that everyone uses, except this one I made up the schedule for my area. Just use that :tup:


Here is a link to our current ranbat and standings. You may find it useful.


Just curious, the attached file states that 1st through 5th get 10, 7, 5, 3, and 2 points, respectively… then 7th gets a point. So what does 6th place get? o.O

I assume anyone who finishes below 7th gets zero points?



Assuming this is double elimination, 5th place is a tie, and 7th place is a tie. Basically the top 8 players will get points.


I’m just curious what the rationale behind not seeding the tournaments. Especially for the UFO tournaments, which start out as single elim. I understand not seeding the initial tournament (1.1), but I’d think that after that, you’d want use some sort of seeding to prevent top players from eliminating each other too early.


Because the same players aren’t at every tournament (same as the ranbats that we hold) so it isn’t entirely accurate and consistent. We (K-Town) try to seed ours, but with people who work, have school, or have only entered once, it is hard to really determine who is where on the SFIV scale and unfair. For example, we have a player who entered once, but we know that if they entered every tournament he’d get first, but according to the ranbat point system accrued, he’s not seeded #1 (when we all know he would be)

Every organizer runs their ranbat a little bit differently than everyone else. Besides, we all know who the top players are and just place them accordingly (no need to use previous ranbat tournaments)


If you never ran a tournament before, or ranked players… it goes as follows:

5th (6th)

it makes sense looking at a bracket (players losing in the 3rd round in losers (there will be an equal amount depending on the number of entries 16, 32, 64, 128, 256…) Hope this helps

edit: Yes, 9th and further gets nothing…


i would say the most important aspect of running a ranbat is consistency. a consistent venue, consistent rules, consistant seeding preference (i.e. nonpreference, or preference based on previous results) and a consistant time period to meet up are plusses. try and coordinate with people who you KNOW really want to show up to these and try and find a time that is universally good for as many people in your community as possible.