How to SAFELY get in close to my opponent?

sometimes i have trouble getting up close to my opponent to grab/poke at them,etc…does anyone have any tips to safely get up close to them?because i have a bad habit of using mk hurricane kick and it obviously gets countered all the pretty good at dashing under them when they jump,but against big opponents(alex,hugo)they dont jump much…but do i even need to be getting close to those grappling type opponents?any responce helps,thanks…

Depends on what character your opponent is using. Sometimes it’s more advantageous for them to be away from you. Think about Hugo. He is close to 0% effective when he isn’t right in your face, so you are better off zoning him, just don’t get your pokes countered with those claps.

thats understandable.but what about the shotos.i see alot of good players somehow landing 4 or 5 throws a match and mabie even it them just capitalizing on their opponents mistakes?because it seems like they’re very good at getting in close without getting punished for it…

learn to kara throw and learn how far the dash travels. Won’t fix the problem but it’ll help

im having trouble with kara timing…how long do you wait from the first moves animation to press the throw command?half of the first moves animation?very quickly after you start the first animation?i know what to press but not the timing when to press them…

It’s almost at the same time. The shortest interval of time you can have between the mp and the lp+lk the better. It might help if you try learning it with Akuma. The timing and command is exactly the same with Akuma, but you will hear a grunt when you do it correctly. (At 30 seconds you’ll see Akuma do his kara throw, and the grunt)

right on,imma practice till i get it right…just to be clear,its a STANDING mp right??

I love the fucking grunt. It makes it sound like he is throwing them harder. It’s towards and mp. Just do it as fast as you can and then gradually slow down till you get the timing. Once you do it a few times it’s really easy.

Everything about Akuma is just that much more awesomer :slight_smile:

except his stamina…

is there any situations where i shouldnt use the kara-throw and just use the regular throw??

If you don’t need the range, but if your throw game is part of your rushdown, you always want the range. The only disadvantage to a kara throw is like a 2 frame slower startup since you need the f+mp to come out first, but in general the range bonus will trump that every time. The only thing I can think of is the dash in, low parry + lp + lk option select, but that shit is too advanced for me.

Just don’t kara when you are in normal throw range, thats all. I actually got punished sometimes because I kara’ed instead but its just some extreme bad luck I guess.

ok,ok…i got kara throws down now…it was easier than i thought…

now,whats option select??

One more thing I worked on at a small tourney on getting in close was a lk tatsu followed by a dash and kara throw. Not over and over again of course but I had several people getting caught by it through the day. Also by wasting a little meter you can dash, ex hadou, dash, then combo or throw depending on how they react and if the hadou hits. This is just all stuff that was working yesterday for me. These guys didn’t suck at all so some of them may not be that bad of ideas as long as they’re not abused to the point of the opponent being able to predict.

Alex players not jumping? That doesn’t sound right.

sounds good,ill try this stuff out and see what happens…

and the damage bar

stay in (far) range. it’s the range where the opponent will have to guess which move will be thrown out.

UOH is an important poking too for ryu even though he can’t do much after it from a neutral stance.

you can EX fireball like a poke, but i don’t like to waste them like that often. don’t fireball for pokes too close because they can just jump and combo. also not too far from chun li because she can super right through on reaction (if not EX)

if you sweep the twins, don’t dash in more than once, you won’t be able to dash up and meaty them, you just gotta let them get back up. you can get dash punched or EX slashed if you dash twice and try to meaty. they should always be rolling after they get swept, but if they’re not rolling then dash up a 2nd time.

vs ken is a little harder. he has and, so you really can’t guess parry too often on pokes. try and see if the opponent lets out pokes and walk back and then closer when they move is almost ended and punish with xx ex fireball. keep in mind if you xx ex fireball too fast from walking you will get an EX srk sometimes. so get that qcf in there perfectly. if they’re trying to walk you to the corner, stand ground and block some pokes. try and block them closer so you can poke back after blockstun ( UOH or ex fireball)

vs chun don’t try to like it’s your only poke. try and get in there with your’s and UOH’s. and since chun doesn’t really jump, i find myself regular fireball poking her a lot. if they get predictable with that far fierce, parry it then c.hp ex joudan then hk tatsu. pushes them into the corner, right where you want them. if you see them try to wall jump out jump back and roundhouse, or jump back mp is good air to air.

in general i find it pretty hard to get close easily on good players. my only advice is to just be a threat to them when you’re in poking range, and be annoying. then maybe they can slip up and give you your knockdown chance to get close and mix up. everything i said is what works for me, let me know if i’m wrong.

Like they said, it depends who you are playing against, sometimes you have to walk to get closer while guessing for a parry or just blocking there pokes, its not all dash, you are not playing makoto.

and vs chun t.strong works wonder, for some reason most chuns block low all day, just dont get too OH happy.