How to save this type of video

How can you save this?

(if you click it it is NWS lang)

its a “hood version” of the “we’re not selling whoppers” Burger King commercial.

Call me oh great one and maybe I will teach you. See normally I would teach people but the thing is you have RED BARS and well that just against my religion to help people like you. Either you get some green bars or you have to by my bitch. Or option C is use google…

type in streetfire and you get car videos.

Red bars = saying that the nerfs to SFHD is gonna be gay. I stand by that. I’m not paying for that shit.

…um, just some common sense here - instead of using google to search for the site, since you obviously know the site already, why not use google to search on how to save FLV videos?

To whoever that neg rep me for this comment let me REMIND you of something I AM yes ME I am the one that explain how to do this on SRK like 4 times already.

No longer helping out anyone GGPO

Use this:

Or this -

:u: Yeah, that’s the one I’m more familiar with [though do not use since I don’t want to download an .swf player].