How to scrap a scrub in 3S

i need some simple shit? i get caught too much trying to parry and get combos off… any tips plz?

i think it’s funny that i play decently against wong and other players in CF… but i can’t get a win on this guy for shit… he just blocks a lot and does a counter… eg, blocks a DP and sweeps… that’s his whole game…

I find that most scrubs don’t break throws… ever. So if he just wants to sit back and block all the time, throw him a whole lot. Mix that up with UOH so that if he decides to keep blocking and duck the throws that isn’t a safe solution for him, either. That’s pretty much my game-plan when I go against scrubs on campus and it hasn’t failed me yet.

turtle chun, urien, or turtle yun

^ Huh? His character isn’t what’s holding him back.

Sounds like the problem is with you, not the scrub. When are you doing SRKs that allows him to punish them? If he doesn’t parry at all then any safe moves you have are essentially risk-free. Throw and poke a lot, don’t dash often, and don’t parry if you’re just guessing. Chances are this guy won’t know how to link supers after overheads so only blocking low should be fine.

What characters are you guys using?

Yeah, telling us your characters might help.

And yeah, just play it safe and when I play scrubs, I can UOH/Throw them all day, mix those up and they’ll be paranoid as hell.

If your opponent’s best combo is jump in RH, cr. RH and if they do Cr. MK > Super without confirming. Maybe you gotta work on something yourself.

Words from a true scrub :rofl:

play him in a different game

Tap throw

kara throws are ridiculously useful

My question is, Why do you have so much trouble with CF scrubs? You made a topic just like this a few months ago…=x

Teach him a bunch of combos that don’t work, then clean his clock when he tries to use them on you.

Pay attention and see why you are losing instead of calling him a scrub.

If he is a scrub, he should be eating those dp’s, and not blocking them. You aren’t setting up your dp’s right (and probably normals if he counter’s those too). You probably don’t have a good mixup game. Or you simply underestimate him.

It sounds like you’re talking about me, but I don’t go to CF often, and I win even less.

i know but you can’t go wrong with chun spamming b.hp all day

and punishing with c.MK SA2 is pretty damn easy.

its CF - they are both using ken of course

Who do you play as? Him too?

if you are playing ken/chun

abuse tick throws

i use akuma or chun

he uses ryu, ken, akuma

i’m calling him a scrub cuz he goes around bragging that he’s hot shit but he’s not… i can play 3S with somebody that knows what they’re doing because i find it easier to predict than this guy. i bait him into shit, but i fuck up afterwards. eg. I will jump in to bait an SRK, i get the parry, he lands, i don’t do shit… even though I hit the, i do it too early or something stupid like that, and it doesn’t come out. I’ve lost so many matches that way, yet the weird shit is, when I’m at CTF and playing 90234704 fucking kens, i don’t ever fuck up that way. It could be my stick, cuz I only play this dude @ home, and my stick gets really fucking gay on PS2 games for some reason… i can play him fine if i’m on pad.

he made a thread… here

What do you call someone who gets consistantly beaten by a scrub?