How to see opponent's PP in Ranked Match?

Is there a way to see the PP of your opponent when creating a ranked match? In the lobby unde “player data” it shows “% disconnect” (who cares about that anyway). Is there a way to switch this to show PP data just like in Endless Battles? I’m tired of playing random players with 0 PP who just decided to start playing SSf4 in 2013 and not being able to see this from the get go.

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Even if you weren’t thinking that way, more than enough other people would.
How many ranked matches do you think is a 4k-5k+ player going to find when the entire community are XxShadowAkumaXx who want to protect their 2000 points with fangs claws and a battleaxe?

There’s a lot of people nowadays who make multiple accounts, it gets to the point where players with low points are generally more skilled than higher ranked players. Now i’d like to know why the fuck do so many of you make new accounts? It’s easy to see, you look at their profiles and the only trophies they have are SF4 trophies.

lol points

Best player I’ve ever played was a Guile with 700 PP in endless. He probably got tired of all the gimmicky scrubs in ranked on yellow bar wifi connections