How to set up your Laptop as a wireless adapter for your Xbox 360!

If you guys are anything like me, you dont want to pay $100 for a stupid adapter. This is a guide showing how to set up your laptops wireless connection as your 360 adapter. all you need is a laptop that is running on a wireless connection a crossover ethernet cable (the ethernet cable that came with the 360 will not work) chances are that you have one of these lying around your house, I found 3 of them in my computer desk.

Step 1: connect your 360 to your laptop with the ethernet cable.

Step 2: change your internet properties by clicking the start menu and going to “Connect to” over the option that says “Wireless network” right click and go to properties, next go to advanced and click the box that says “Allow other users on this network to use this connection” then click ok. (in some cases you have to go to your internet connection and right click and click repair but I didnt have this problem.)

Vista Works differently so you have to do this instead to change your internet connection properties.

  1. Go to start
  2. Run
  3. Type in ncpa.cpl
  4. Hit OK

then right click on your wireless internet connection that you use, go to properties, and do the same thing I said in step 2.

Now turn on your Xbox 360 and enjoy your free wireless adapter.

i wish i had saved the ip addresses for doing this with osx…
you can do it with tiger and leopard…but you’ll have to configure the custom ips, dns, and all that…

All I did for Vista was connect to a wireless network on my laptop, plug the 360 in, select wireless and LAN in network properties, right click, bridge.

Heres How to do it with a Mac:

step 1
What you’ll need
You don’t really need much to do this. All you need is: A Mac (this guide is for 10.4 but im sure it would be very similar on 10.5) And XBOX 360 (duh) A wireless ne&

step 2
To begin

  1. Open up system preferences and go to Network. 2. Make sure location is set to “Automatic” and show is set to “Built-in Ethernet.” 3. Now where is says "Configure IPv4,&

step 3
Your router should have an IP Address, and it is usually, check on the bottom of the router to make sure. There should also be a username and password down the&

step 4
Back to System Preferences

  1. Go back to System Preferences now and click on “Sharing.” 2. Click on the “Internet” tab. 3. Make sure that on the drop down menu Airport is selected. 4. Click on the&

step 5
Now on your XBOX

  1. Go to the “System” blade on your dashboard. 2. Go down to “Network Settings.” 3. Now select “Edit Settings.” 4. Select your IP settings and choose “Manual.”

i just googled it for finding the mac one, i use windows so i dont know if that works or not, and its from b4 the NXE so the blade stuff youll havta figure out on your own though it shouldnt be too difficult to do.

I think you should connect to laptop through Xbox360 Live then try to figure out network connection help for XBox360,otherwise use any Wi-fi device such that your laptop become the device what you want…

for mac all i did was turn on internet sharing. i dont think I ever had to fool around with manual settings