How to setup 2 sticks on 1 board?

Im about to build my own but would like to know how to wire up 2 sticks with 6 face buttons and 2 back buttons. Is there anything different you need to do when wiring up a 2nd stick?

I’m not sure I understand your question.

I don’t know if he’s saying he wants to wire up two stick to one PCB or just make a dual arcade stick a la HSS-0130. Confirmation needed.

Do you mean two sticks connected to a single PCB? If so I’m not sure why you’d do this as both would be activating the same controller effectively, this wouldn’t give you a second player.

for what game?

Sorry about that. I really love playing MAME and a few others. Some of these games require 2 sticks to play the game (robotron, tron, smash tv, etc) So do i need another pcb and plug in a 2nd usb to use both sticks?

In that case I would double wire the second stick to the 4 face buttons on the pcb. For instance if you use a cthulhu for Mame, Jab button would be also wired to left on 2nd joystick. Strong Punch to Up, Short kick to Down and Forward kick to right. You can then use the second stick for robotron, but realize that the 4 face buttons also do the same thing.

so how does a gamepad like the logitech dual action support both analog sticks at the same time for those types of games? I took one of those apart. Could i use it somehow?

If you want to use the analog sticks then you would have to wire resistors to convert the analog to digital to use with a digital switch type joystick. Analog arcade style joysticks cost $80 +

PC only board but you can hook up to 4 sets of controls.

Here is a picture of the PCB I want to use. Forget about the analog sticks then. Can i use this pad to make a custom joystick? Will i need any extra boards? This is from a Logitech dual action gamepad for the PC. Only want it for the pc too :slight_smile:

If you want 1 stick wired to left dpad, 6 buttons, select and start, that leaves nothing left for stick 2 except the analog sticks and 2 shoulder buttons. Did the analog sticks have buttons on them like L3 and R3? If so you could assign two of the shoulder buttons and L3 and R3 to the second stick.

I was about to say, use the GP Wiz 40 if you plan to use two joysticks on one pcb.

actually there are 2 trigger buttons on each side on top if you look closely :slight_smile: So i guess theres my other stick layout :slight_smile: So all i do is solder the main and grounds (Is there a common on this one?) and im ready to go?

However you still need the directions for the 2nd joystick.

The second Joystick will use the Triggers.
equlizer using for PC, and will just map the directions.

I’m going to pretend it is labled like a PS2 dual shock.

Stick one : UDLR

Six face buttons: [], /, X, O, R1, R2

two back buttons: Select Start.

Second stick, L1,L2, L3, R3

If no L3 or R3, you have to apply 4 resistors to the analog pots, and figure out where to solder to where to get the digital behavior, since I forget off the top of my head I would actually need to try this myself. You really need a multimeter to figure out the range of resistance of the pots. Usually 4.7k or 10k resistors. and wire the wiper as the up down common and High to up or down and low to up or down. Same with Left and right. I understand that makes no sense, so just get the board listed above.

I think im just gunna rip apart my other logitech dual action so i wont have any problems. Ill just have to plug in both usb cables (no big deal) These 2 gamepads are very old so im not missing anything :slight_smile: Bought 2 happ joysticks and 6 happ buttons for $75 locally and got my template all layed out for drilling tomorrow. Hope everything goes well :slight_smile: This is not as easy as i thought (for my first time)