How to setup a mic + video capture for commentary?

I’m gonna be running a ranbat for SFIV next month and we wanted to get some commentary goin’ with the match vids (you know, like Arcade Infinity vids), anybody know how to do it or can link me to a thread that shows how?

And if someone finds it through search, go ahead and neg rep me, I deserve it. T_T

Do you mean something like this?

I can put together a short guide on playing in HD and recording it at the same time, if anyones interested. This is a screen capture of a match recorded in "real"time on 360 but it can also work for PS3.

btw: Im terrible at SF as evident in me staring at a fireball.

I’d be interested. Please Do.


youre not the only one … a guide would be very nice

I’ve wanted a guide on this for the longest time…:wgrin:

I use this.

It’s awesome because you just drop it between your system and the television and it records everything that the TV outputs (including people talking over psn/live). Outside commentary shouldn’t be too difficult to add.

The Archos is basically a hard drive that also acts as a media player. It has no licensing issues, can attach to any OS and is just generally the best thing ever.

Sure I’ll take a guide… Thanks guys.