How to ship a 55" tv with freight? (halp I am desperate!)


anyone have experience with this kind of stuff? I need to ship an expensive-ass 55" oled tv from NY to FL. any reputible freight company with insurance or something like that? just need this to get there in…one piece :xeye:


road trip…


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Go to home depot or lowes and ask if they have any huge boxes to spare. Usually they have big ass boxes with the packaging left when they make displays for bbq grills, sink cabinets etc. Find something that your tv box will fit in.

If not, by some 2x4 while your there and ask them to cut it to size and build your own crate. As far as shipping, ups ground will prolly be ur cheapest option.


You have to be very careful transporting large sensitive electronics like that. Forget the screen, my TV bent some of it’s capacitors on the bumpy ride from NY to FL and it burnt out within the week. I replaced said capacitors, but it still didn’t work. I ended up getting a new TV…

My honest recommendation is to sell the TV and get a new/used one once you’re in Florida. If you’re going to transport it via freight, bubble wrap the shit out of it. Old shirts, foam, anything to help absorb shock. My computer survived the trip, and the only difference between them was that my computer was lined with an inch of shirts on all sides.


If you bring it to a UPS store would they be able to pack something that size for you?


I have the original and carton but I dont think it will make it on one piece if I just shipped it like that. Id probably have to put some wood AFTER the foam and original packaging then put the carton on top.


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tv made it in one piece


what shipping method did you use?


I made a wood cage then ups ground. there were random chip and stuff on the wood. pretty sure it was gonna break if I just shipped it in the original box lol…

got bad news tho…USPS fucked up my desktop computer :mad:


how much you pay shipping for the TV?

would it have been cheaper on a road trip?


247 I think

Im OK with dat …at least it got here alive