How to special cancel (AE 2012)


I apologize now for not knowing how to do an advanced search on srk.

Can anyone help me? I’m trying to figure out how to a cancel out of a special. Specifically charge characters and shotos.



Some special moves can’t be cancelled at all. For the ones that can, do a focus attack during the special animation, then perform a dash to cancel the focus attack. This is what’s referred to as FADC and it requires 1 meter.


After some practicing with Ryu and Ken, I figured out how to do it with shotos, but I didn’t know it costs a meter. Thanks!


To “special cancel” refers to canceling into a special move from a normal, just do you know. Canceling into a special is different than canceling out of one. The only specials that can be cancelled are either canned follow-ups or super cancellable. Being able to super cancel guarantees being able to FADC in general.


How do you special cancel?


Do a special move and then immediately input a super motion. When the special move hits your opponent (hit or block) your special will come out, and let you combo into it.

It’s somewhat of a more intermediate-level concept. Don’t worry about it. Just focus on the basics for now.


I got it, thank you!


to special cancel from a normal just do the normal then the input for the special move.

It doesnt only apply to supers.

so for example, one of Ryu’s most basic things to learn is into fireball

just do, then input the fireball immediately (while is STILL coming out) and if the normal hits your opponent, a fireball with come out after it, if it doesnt, then the fireball wont come out. This is great during footsies, because if you’re in midrange, you can just throw out the and do the fireball motion, and if the opponent moves into your controlled space, they will get hit with a fireball, or if they throw out a normal, and your hits it, they will get hit with a counter hit fireball, which does more damage.

This is also one of the easiest option selects, but you don’t gotta worry about going beyond this for a while.


Thanks all. Very helpful hints.