(How to)SSF4 TE'S xbox360 Toodles FGWidget LED mod

well i’ve seen other threads from other from members and some were missing alot of detailed stuff. well during the process of me modding my fight stick i took a bunch of photos and wanted to do my own how to thread i hope in the future this helps future members out. the mod it self is really simple to do just need a little soldering experience and thats what it . so here is a list of what you will need.

1xToodles Fgwidget
6-8x-seimitsu PS-14-KN 30mm buttons
24or 26g STRANDED wire
wire cutters
soldering pin
solder sucker
wire strippers
and what ever else you may think might need for this mod

you first want to start by removing the 6 hex screws that are on top of the te panel and make sure that you set your screws into a container or little baggy, next remove all the wires from back of the buttons by ether using a set of pliers and pulling from the qd and not the wire it self or using a small type flat head screw driver and prying the qds from the tabs. at this time as well go ahead and disconnect the stick wire harness and your panel should be free now

at this point go head and start removing your buttons . with the sanwas you want to push in on the tabs on the side of the buttons and push up at the same time. some are a bit hard to push out and others will be easy. just take your time and they will come out with time.

your next step is to go ahead and remove all the ribbon cables that are located on the mad catz pcb. at this time you may want to take a picture or takes notes of which ribbon cable goes were. go ahead and then remove the four screws that hold in the pcb as you look at the pcb you will see were the usb is connected to the pcb. there is a red wire and right next to it, it will say 5v, that is were you will solder you vcc power to go to the vcc on the fgwidget bored. you will do the same as well on the gnd line as well. keep note of this.

well we will start this off with the assembly of FGWidget board the board will come with
1x Fgwidget printed circuit
1x 28 pin ic socket, probaly clipped to the printed circuit board
1x 28 pin atmel micro-controller
1x 6 pin resistor array(yellow,'151’written on it) for some reason mine were black
2x 10 pin resistor array(yellow ‘151’ written on it)again mine came with black ones
2x 0.1uF ceramic capacitors c1,c2 (small, two pins,‘104’ writtin on it)

once you have everything out first step is going to solder the 28 pin ic socket that is clipped to the board and solder to the board . take your time and do not leave the soldering pin on the board to long longest you should leave it on is between 3-5 seconds depending on your soldering pin. also try not to use to much solder so you dont create solder bridges in between each point

once done there you will take 1x 0.1Uf ceramic capacitor and insert it into the board were it says c1 or c2. does not matter with one you put were as long as they are in the c1/c2 holes.once you have the first one in, solder in place and you will have and excess leads coming out the back. trim as much of the leads off as possible once you have them in place. the way i did it was i soldered c1 capacitor in first trimmed the leads then i put in 1x 10 pin resistor solder that in and then the c2 again there is not much space between the resistors pin when soldering so be carefull about creating solder bridges between the pins. now time to to do the same with the 6 pin resistor and the last 10 pin resistor solder in place. the final peace will be to set the 28 pin atmel micro-controller to the 28 pin ic socket. make sure before you solder the ic socket to the board that the groove end on the ic matches the silk screen on the board. so when inserting the atmel micro-controller same just match the notches . you may have to mess with the pins on the atmel micro to get it to pop in . again take yoru time here and make sure you dont break one of the pins on the atmel. once in just make sure you push down and then you are done with the assembly of the fgwidget

now here is the easy part of the mod .wiring the leds and putting them into the semitsu cases. pretty much you are just wiring two wires to the led KNserts one to the vcc an one to ground

now for each casing your going to have to drill two holes for each wire gto go through . best way to do that is remove the middle plunger top place a knsert in . flip the button under mark were the vcc and ground is and mark the spots on the casing with a sharpie or a drill bit.

your going to do this step for each button simple isnt it…ha

now is to put the buttons into the te panel. little hint when putting in the ps14 screw ins as you look at the picture the bottem right button closet to the joystick . if you put the button in first then try to screw the nut on it will not go all the way down. the best way to do it is to set the nut inplace and screw then button in and that will make it easier . the rest of the buttons you can place and screw the nut on.

ok here is the fun part. now to wire up the buttons and vcc and ground to the FgWidget board.

first step your going to solder your VCC wire and ground from the madcatz pcb to the Fgwidget board i took a picture of the back of the madcatz pcb to show were each wire goes to. your vcc wire will be soldered to the 5v point on the back of the board and same with the ground

once that is done you can now put the pcb back into place and screw it back down.

now you have two wires that have to be wired up to the fgwidet your vcc and ground.(try to use diffrent color wires to remind you which is your vcc power and ground )
as we take another look at the board . your vcc power wire will go to the bottem left corner and top left corner is your ground this is were you will solder your first two wires to the board

as you can see here i placed my fgwidget off to the right side everything can tuck under on the right and out of the way

now for the final part of the installation . soldering the signal wires to the fgwidget and the leds to the fgwidget as well

if you look into your casing you will see wires coming from the terminal block your going to remove two screws one on each side of the terminal block this is were your going to solder wire from here to the fgwidget. each controller is set up different as far as button config. mine is
a=short(lite kick)
LT=for(medium kick)
RT=RH(hard kick)
b=jab(lite punch)
x=strg(medium punch
y= fierce (hard punch)
which is arcade stick type a for ssf4
this part you have to make sure you solder the right wire to the right spot on the board . so if you look at the fg widget board on one side it will say


other side will read

with this said your going to solder your wire to the back of the terminal block to the respective place on the board. so what ever your jab button is(mine being B) you are going to solder to the B section of the under side of the terminal block.(to find which button goes to what wire just look on top on the terminal block in between each wire )
so once i solder my first wire to the b section of the under side of the terminal block(B being my jab)that wire then will be soldered to the JAB_In on the FGwidget

(picture here shows me soldering the a button in first which is my short) also if you look at the picture of the underside of the terminal block the wire that is soldered is my signal and the lower half is the ground if any one needs to know. the top half is what your going to solder to for your signal from there to the fgwidget.

so the way it is configuerd on the terminal block goes
[ A ] [ B ] [ X ] [ Y ] [ LB ] [ RB ] [ LT ] [ RT ] [ BK ] [ SL ]
[gnd][gnd][gnd][gnd][gnd] [gnd] [gnd] [gnd] [gnd] [gnd]

with that said your going to solder each remaining wire that way from the back of the terminal block to the FGwidget board were it indicates “_in” (so again my b button is jab that wire is go to JAB_IN on the fgwidget)

now that you have all your signal wires wired up to the FGwidget now its time to do the leds to the FgWidget.your going to take your signal wire from the led you soldered earlier and that wire will go the the “_OUT” on the fgwidget so if you are doing your jab button first the signal wire from led will be soldered to the JAB_out on the fgwidget. do this for each button led to the “_out” on the fgwidget. ( forgot to mention you must have at least 6 leds to do this mod. you can use all 8 buttons if you like, i just chose to do six since i dont use my my 4k/4p buttons)once you have all your led signal wires soldered to the fgwidget your next step is to just piggy all the ground to each other then take a single wire from solder to those ground wires and solder the ground wire to the ground on the bottom of the terminal block( look at above picture to find which end is the ground)once your done with that just place everything were it needs to be . on mine i was able to tuck everything on the right in the corners and it all fits in the casing. eventfully i will clean up the wires to make it look cleaner for now it all works

how everything llooks all wired up

once all done just connect your wires back up to your buttons reconnect all your ribbon cables and joy stick harness and place panel back on and your done…

finished product

i want to thank toodles for the awesome product and the easy instructions. also lizard lick for supply everything and also thank art for the plexy and art work and thanks to sakobato24 for making the template . if there is anything i am missing please let me know and i will fill in the blank. hope this helps anyone that planing on doing this mod

All it needs now is a hollow shaft to light up the ball top :slight_smile:

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Nice how to… bookmarked.

Yeah, good read outlining the basics.

Thanks, this guide helped me when it got a little complicated

glad it helped you out!

the pacman stick :3

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Good stuff man. I know how time consuming write ups like these can be, and it’s really appreciated.

anytime. you took your time to come up with the product the least some one can do is give some type of helping hand to people who have trouble… thanks again Toodles


It looks just like mine. Bah. :stuck_out_tongue: anyways it would be good to get a wiring schematic to make it super easy. Lol. alittle solder expierence. Hmm, I think it would be good if they had average soldering expierence, cuz if they stay in contact with one of the pcb copper trace for to long, they will pull the trace off. Other then the pics of the back the the terminal block, and the 5v from the mad catz pcb,which I needed. I apprecaite the hard works! I actually had a dual mod, and had my 5v direct from the USB cable, through the Toodles IMP switcher. But other then that. It works flawless. Lol. Amazing how I placed my widget board exactly over their aswell. Lol. I figure it save me some wire.

Lol. Now get your hollow shaft ball, and join the club!

Oh. Btw. Filipino Pride. I love Manny Pacquio!

I’m sorry for being a total noob, but once you solder the signal wires from the led (the orange ones) to the OUT parts of the fgwidget, do you solder the grnd wires (black wires) from the led to the grnd part on the terminal block? I can’t really follow that part on the guide D;

wow didnt see this till now . yes you would. you can daisy chain the grounds together then solder to the ground on the terminal block