How to stand up?

Hi, i played street fighter arcade mode about 4 months ago, then stopped. Now im playing again, but this time, im playing against other players. I played my first online match (or even just versus match) two days ago, and i chose to main c viper just because apparantly shes very bread and buttery. Ive had 0 fighting game experience so anyway, I need some help

Quick question.

When i fall down on the ground, i have alot of trouble trying to get up, as foes either…

  1. Jump and kick me back until im down again
  2. Grab me till im down again
  3. Focus attack me as soon as i get up

Some of these things might be quite basic, but i have nfi on how to deal with these situations. Out of about 40 matches i played, i only won about 3 xD. Hey have to start somewhere ammirite? anyway, how do i deal with these kind of situations? atm im playing with the keyboard, ill be getting an arcade stick sometime this / next week. THANKS IN ADVANCE.

O and one more thing. Whats one of the simplest way to set up an ultra imo? thanks!

Dude, you picked the worst starter character in the game. I’m not gonna tell you to switch, but just know that you have a pretty long road ahead.

Second, her ultra comes off of a lot of moves, but they’re all situational, but the three most common are after an anti-air HP TK, close-up EX Seismo, or any BK in the corner. The timing’s different on each, but they’re not “Pro skill required” setups. Play around in practice mode, and you’ll get it down in a few minutes.

Third, sorry, Viper’s wakeup options suck. Your big options are: block, back dash, EX Seismo/cancel, EX BK. Each has its own advantages/disadvantages, and they’re all quite situational, so once again, you just have to play around with it to figure out your best move at certain times(pending what’s available, of course.)

I hear people say this a lot, but I’m not convinced this is always the case. One good thing about starting off with Viper is that a lot of other characters are easy in comparison.

It’s like learning how to play guitar. Most guitar instructors recommend that people start out on an acoustic guitar simply because acoustics are harder to play than electrics, so when they finally play an electric, they’re gonna have an easy time.

Yea, but i dont like alot of the characters because of their simplicity, but anyway, ill try ex burning kicks later, as ive tried everything else, and it doestn work very well. I dont see how an EX seismo would work though, as it has quite a long start up time i think, even if you cancel it

EX seismo has a few startup frames of invincibility. When canceled, you only get the invincibility frames, making you untouchable for a brief period. Just think of the uses for a second.

I’m actually good at this game and I still don’t know the answer all of the time.