How to start local scene with...noobs

How do you start a local scene when everyone around you(except a few OG’s from Golden Age of Street Fighter )are scrubs? how to get others interested?(as well as learn Super Street Fighter 4)

get together and play alot?

what does it matter if the average player isn’t a pro yet? what matters is getting together and leveling up, getting hype and having tournaments

Well it’s kinda hard to start a scene if none of the scrubs have interest in improving and don’t see the game in a competitive light. However, if they do want to play competitively but just suck, they can only improve, so try to organize one night a week where you all get together and play. You don’t need skilled players to start a scene, just people looking to improve.

what are good ways to find people interested in fighters. should i make flyers, ect.

dont mean to jack this post but i have similar questions

what are good ways to find people interested in fighters. should i make flyers, ect.

dont mean to jack this post but i have similar questions

The guy that started it around here started a website(and a forum!), worked out a special weekly day at the local lan center and created a facebook group and some flyers to give out at the lan center

Do what I;ve been comtemplating/in the process of doing: Go into your regional matchmaking forums and let people know what you’re planning. Go to your local video game vendor and ask them how would they feel about holding tournaments on a regular basis, or arrange to meet locals at a community center or home and play different fighting games. It aint gonna be easy, but if you work hard to promote, you will cultivate interest in people, even scrubs.

I still remember attending a local SSF4 tournament around where I live, and 7 of the 12 people who signed up never played Street Fighter before, other than just goofing around at a friends house. It doesn’t matter their skill level. The point is to make friends and cultivate an interest in fighting games. Winning comes later. Learning is now.

That’s one of my biggest things, trying to find local people to game with and improve. I really don’t care about skill level because I’m not that good to begin with.

Where do you live? Are you sure that there isn’t a scene in your area already?

I live in the caribbean(st.kitts to be exact)if there is a scene it’s for games like Super Smash Bros but that has died down

Yeah OP just try and get the OGs together and make something happen like a small tourney or something to that effect. Then the “newbs” (for lack of a better term) will want to try and be like the OGs and start asking you all how to get it in and start beasting in Street Fighter.

Then it’ll spread like a mother fucker dude I’m telling you. Good luck in your ventures man I hope everything works out.

Personally I would just start out with you and your friends, word will spread. That is what I did, anyway.

Just have the good people play together every week, have a thread in the regional subforum here and people will show. I live in a college town and this is what we do. Every few weeks we have some new dude showing up. A lot of the new people show a few times and disappear, but some of them stick around and get better.

We also run two setups… it can be a good or a bad thing. The newer players can play each other on one setup and spend some time each meetup playing on the setup with the better players if they want. I personally feel like new people have the most to gain and will have the most fun trying as hard as they can to beat the best players available, but not everyone feels this way.

Invite a couple of your friends who have never played Street Fighter over to your house, give them some controllers, and let 'em play.

Free beer doesn’t hurt!

Free anything doesn’t hurt

Prize money.
If someone put money down to play something you can bet they feel the loss more, and thus want to improve.
Just a few bucks is fine.

alright thanx 4 the advice everyone
EDIT:what is the best game to start the noobs in?