How to stay motivated?

So I’ve been playing SFxT, and to put it simply, I’ve been losing alot. Like…every single day…every single match…I’ve played…300 matches so far…and of the past…say…175 I’ve played, I’ve lost every single last one of them.

I can watch a match and know wnat my weaknesses are. I eat cross-ups a lot, and I can’t handle pressure. It just seems that every single time I try and apply pressure, I get beat out by the opponents pokes. Every time I try and counter poke, I eat their poke. I try to practice blocking cross-ups, but every time I think its about to cross-up, they land in front and I eat a full combo. I think they land in front, they cross-up…well you get the idea with that.

I’m playing Cammy/Kazuya and I’m just losing my motivation to keep playing. I came from SFIV and played Cammy through all the iterations up to AE 2012, and I know that you’re meant to learn from your losses…but I just can’t seem to. Every single time I try and focus on one thing, I just end up losing. I know that my losses should motivate me…but…for the past 5 days now its just been nothing but lose lose lose lose lose lose lose. And it’s really crushing…

I guess the question is…are some people just not cut out for fighting games? I practice my execution all the time but it never seems to improve. I always crack under pressure, I just can’t seem to stay calm. And no matter what I do, whenever I try and poke or AA a jump in…I NEVER win out. It’s just a little hard to keep motivated to keep trying when I’m just seeing ZERO results.

Any advice on how to keep it together?

Do you know -why- you’re losing? Have you actually gone back and watched matches of yourself playing and seen where you may have made a mistake?

On top of that, you mention that you crack under pressure. That’s probably it. “Fuck, shit’s not going my way; what do I do?”

Take a step back from what you’re doing. Think about your offense. Do I have a pattern that the opponent’s exploiting? Am I blinding waking up with a DP every time I’m knocked down? Analysis of your game goes beyond the combos you’re doing and the offense you’re implementing. You have to know what you’re doing when you’re knocked down, or half a screen from your opponent, or trying to pressure. You gotta know if you’re following one sequence up with another.

Whatever the case, don’t give up, man. Keep playing, and remember, you’re playing because you love the game.

Sounds like me brother. Nothing seems to land. Last night when I played I just sat back and watched what my oppenent was doing and slowly realised my mistakes. I get my arse tanned all over but I want to learn fighters, so instead of gettin mad like I used to from losing, just brush it off and keep going :D! If you want it bad enough, you will get better :slight_smile:

Not much advise but hope it helps

I am here:

I do love the game, so I don’t want to give up. Suppose that’s why I needed some advice.

The pressure thing gets me the most. I seem to just revert to mashing when the pressure is on, but even when it’s not. I would say that my biggest downfall at the moment is cross-ups and, I found myself going for a lot of throw attempts, or trying to tech them and eating big combos as a result. As soon as I stop techning though, I’m getting thrown around like a ragdoll. I’ve been saving my replays and watching them as much as I can, and those I’m seeing are my biggest issues. I’m also losing every single poke attempt. They throw out jabs and low mediums, I block, I throw them out even once, and I ALWAYS get counter hit. It’s like I just have the worst timing ever. I either get randomed out by people slamming buttons, or I generally get outplayed, and I know I’m being outplayed.

Is there anything that can be suggested for trying to keep cool?

Sounds silly but dont take it personal. When I played because I’m not good at fighters I used to take it personal because these players wernt taking it easy on me because I’m a newbie.

I just breathe and say ‘next time’

I used to rage so much that I lost on fighters, now I just take it on the chin

I am here:

Take a break from the game for a while and relax your mind. Then when you feel you’re up to it come back to it and assess what’s the root of your troubles. Try to pick what’s giving you the most problems and develop a counter for it in training mode or at least ways to deal with it better.

Try to have fun when you’re playing, too. When you’re having fun, it’s way easier to be motivated and removes the tension. I had to have a friend remind me that fighting games are just that. They’re games and shouldn’t cause you so much stress that every time you drop a combo/mistime a meaty/whatever that you beat yourself over it.

If you really enjoy the game, don’t quit and you’ll eventually do better. If you don’t honestly like playing it, then play something that won’t make you feel under pressure.

You should really take a break if you’re that frustrated, first and foremost. Second, I’d say hit the lab some more, work on all your combos till you have everything down pat, then go back into online play working exclusively on footsies/defense/poking/etc. The lab is nice because it lets you nail down one element of your game really strongly.

All this is helping me as well with basically being a new player. Some great tips here :slight_smile:

I am here:

Also, I’d like to add - there is no such thing as “not being cut out for fighting games”. It is insanely difficult to be good at these sorts of games, and takes a lot of practice. I will say for certain though, ramming your head into a wall in online matches is not only the least fun way to go about it, but also one of the least effective ways too.

I suppose I do need to take a break. What aboutn my Cammy/Kazuya team? I want to keep running Cammy…but can anyone suggest a different partner for her?

I’m pretty much in the lab at this point. I don’t really mess around online too much. Be sure to find some friends who are willing to play with you and learn the games systems too! There is also a online practice mode that can help you big time against other human players.

If you’re playing in person you could just talk mad shit to loosen up.

I don’t know man, it seems like the friendlier the environment the easier it is for both people to focus on their game instead of just being deadly silent as if your in the grandfinals of EVO every match.

That’s how I feel at least.

It’s a game, treat it as such and you should get better.

Same way you stay motivated in any other part of life,
make small goals and chip away at those,

-make sure you understand fundamentals like Zoning, AA, links, cancels, what to do on wakeup, how to cross up, how to block crossups,how to block in general, learn when to push buttons and when not to push buttons.
-stop thinking about winning and losing and instead ask yourself “what have I learned?”
-learn some new combos,
-learn what move your character has that can be abused
-learn to counter something annoying,
-learn how to space yourself so you get crossed up less and less.
-learn a characters strategy so you don’t fall prey so easily to what they specialize in ( like learning to zone out zangief, or force rolento to approach you.)
-Find a few people online around your level, friend them and play them until you can consistently beat them and move on up.
-Try playing locally, it’s less annoying to lose to people in person.

BTW if your playing Ranked, its kind of savage in there, there are easier going people in the lobbies so try playing there. And although I think you should keep your team, ( i dont think your characters are losing it for you ) It would help to learn the rest of the cast to understand each characters goals, as they are all different.

Hey dude, I feel your pain… I´ve been playing SSF4 for around 2 months, and I use around 80-90% of my time in training and doing the Challenges, I find that they really give a good indication of where your game is going. After that I´ll usually go online and try to have fun with the things I learned , but don´t expect to win! Think of it this way… I usually use Dudley( Cause I really like him) and say “ok, my goal for tonight” “how many times can manage to duck under all the fireballs and what have you”, or maybe how many times can I actually get a combo in! or maybe even pull off a ultra …
We all measure success differently, But a “win” does´nt necessarily mean you have been successful or played well, and a lose does´nt necessarily mean you´ve played poorly… .man some of these guys have been at this for like 10 + years!! so don´t sweat it. It´s not all about the goal, it´s about the journey :wink:

Look at it this way, if you are winning all the time that means you are playing people that suck. If you are losing then you are playing prople better than you. Take notes on the match ups and on the players themselves. Get a box of index cards and keep notes on everyone you play If player X starts every round with jumping then write that shit down and be ready the next time u play them

I find the opposite to be true. In ranked matches you will face easier opponents , once you’ve spent some time on lobbies.

I’m in a similar boat (the learning stage) and I actually just got done with a session that I learned a lot from. First off I’ll start by saying you won’t learn ANYTHING by getting bodied over and over, and I think that’s what makes a lot of people want to stop playing. If someone far better than you just destroys you there is too much to analyze for you to take much away from it. You will improve by playing players that are good enough so that they can consistently beat you, but you put up a fight. That way by playing them a couple times you can start to see where they are getting the better of you and then consciously step it up in that area. Look around either here or just in endless lobbies for someone who is willing to spar with you and maybe give you a few pointers. The whole “getting bodied by a guy once in ranked who you never play again” is fruitless. You’re not allowing yourself the opportunity to improve that way.

Calculate. Is your throw-tech timing off? It’s not coming out, so is it something to do with when you’re inputting it? Is the opponent doing something to bait the throw tech, knowing that you’re going to do it? Remember, it’s better to eat a throw and small damage than risk a big combo, unless you know that you can defend properly.

A guy who’s mashing buttons can usually get beaten out by the block. Don’t worry about what you might be doing. Figure out his next move and counter.

As for keeping cool, don’t treat any big moment as if it’s the one shining moment of the match. “Oh, I got hit by a DP.” “Oh, he’s got me in the corner.” The worry usually begins with one small thing and then snowballs. It’ll take some time, but learn not to respond to your plans not working as if it’s not going to work, period. Take the onus off of your mind and think like the other guy would. “Okay, he’s got a sizable life lead and I have to make a move. He’s going to expect me to try for a big comeback with some big-ass combo. So let’s whittle him down to earth and throw him.” Shit like that. Learn to take the onus off of you to do something and keep trying to out-think your opponent.

I was actually about to make a thread about the same thing, but you took the words out of my mouth. That happens to me all the time when I play against someone online on any fighting game.

My problem is I always get too eager and just jump online to fight everyone. But going back to the basics has really helped me. There were a lot of things I never even tried to learn. (Canceling, linking, etc.)

Also I always choose a main without trying out most of the characters first. So sometimes going back and trying out new characters helps me out too.

I know this wasn’t really advice, but I feel like I’m in the same boat you are, Tophe. So it’s nice to see I’m not the only one. (Also, there’s some really good advice in this thread.)

Like this advice right here. If I know I’m going to lose in an online match anyways, I practice blocking or different things like that. It’s like a training mode but with a random element to it. That way, someone gets a win and I get some practice in.

go to EVO
have a life changing experience, and then you won’t feel like quitting fighting games in a good while.