How to stay relaxed and not stressed


Hello everyone on past two weeks I’ve spent 15 hours in KOF XIII after my 1st post in shoryuken. But, now I’m facing a new problem which I think many beginners also face.
The game is so fast to me and I’m totally new to arcade fighting that, every time I’m going to practice or trial I’m getting so much tensed and stressed that I am becoming unable to do things swiftly. Such as I’m pressing P or K after the diagonal(down-forward) when doing a qcf so the move isn’t being completed. That’s why I’m not enjoying the game and most of all I can’t learn from my wrongs. I can’t think what wrong I’m doing when I was trying to do a qcf or other moves. I know it takes time and I need to learn from my wrongs but in order to do that I need to be cool headed and have to feel my hand. But, I’m so rushed in the game that in the rush my head can’t even feel my hand.
But, just the moment I am closing the game my dead is cooling down.
Now my question is is this normal? I do’t think so but still want to know your opinion. I’ve also searched other shoryuken threads in Newbie Sayiko Dojo and find out people saying that “After all it’s just a game. Treat it that way and you will be fine.” Can you please explain this statement to me?
Please help me, I got no people to meet in person who plays arcade cause I live in India.


The best advice I can give you is 1) Take a minute & have a deep breath and just calm your mind. It really is just a game, have fun with it and 2) the best advice I’ve seen on here since joining just yesterday is this, “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.” Just get your motions down individually and slowly begin to lace them together with smooth, accurate inputs and you’ll improve. Best of luck!


Thank KrisFame. I think it’s a place for newbies to ask RedD. So I ask.


I know the feeling of being tense and rushing things and the best thing for me is when I get frustrated, I take breaks. That break could be anywhere from a half hour or even a whole day. Once I feel i’ve taken the proper length of a break, I go back and try again.

Its all about practice and repetition which takes time. When you try to force things, you get frustrated, so take breaks, relax, then try again.


The more you play the less playing becomes an “event” to be nervous about. Just play more. Get confident in your actions so that they become second nature.


You could either:

  • Take a break (doesn’t matter the time, it’s the time you want) to chill down and then get back nice and fresh;
  • Keep playing so you can win confidence, learn more and become less nervous with online;


thanks a lot to all of you.


Play to learn. Don’t play to win. You’re not going to. Small things should be a win for you. Like, “Sweet, I lost, but I anti aired him every time he jumped at me.” Pick one thing at a time to work on.


This about a million times over. Just practice doing individual things calmly, you’ll be surprised at how much time you actually have.
Intentionally focusing on keeping your left hand relaxed also helps a ton.

Not all stick grips feel right for everyone either, so experiment with different ones if it ends up feeling like the grip could be the problem.


and don’t panic when someone “gets in on you” its easy in the beginning to get flustered and panic after someone gets a combo and maybe a mixup or two in on you and a big chunk of your health is missing afterwards…it may feel natural to want to do something grand and risky, but 9 times out of 10 that very low reward and will usually only make things worse…the match isn’t over until its over…just learn how to stay calm and block…wait for an opening to turn the round back in your favor…momentum shifts many times during a fight


Breathe, It’s just a game. Accept that loss will happen and there’s nothing you can do about it but get good. Hell even when you are good you’ll still lose. :slight_smile: Beyond that just keep at it and your fangs will sharpen.


I’ve got 20 years practice with beet em ups and I still get pounded. A lot. I just try to enjoy it and see the little improvements I make.


Lean back. Seriously. Lean back and just relax. You’ll be naturally less tense. I only sit up straight to play when it’s super serious bidness.