How to stay relaxed when playing other people?

I think that’s my biggest issue, or at least one that I would like to address.

I took like 2 years off fighting games because I was getting too pissed when I played online.

I come back, and I don’t think I’m getting as angry, but I definitely feel my heart pumping, and my execution goes out the window. When I’m in practice mode or against the arcade, I’m physically calm and collected, no crazy heart-beat, or sweat, and my execution seems to come out fine.

I notice a lot of people get pretty intense and adrenalized with fighting games, and they make it work for them, but I don’t think it works for me, and I would benefit more from being my usual relaxed self. I also notice there seems to be great players that seem pretty calm.

So… any tips for staying calm and keeping the heart rate down?

realize it doesn’t matter. Win, lose or draw, whatever… fuck it. It’s just a game that you’re playing for fun.

Laugh more

edit: unless you’re playing for money, cuz then it’s serious business. :mad:

Well, I do like to play at local tournies :expressionless:

Smoke a bowl.

But seriously, just maybe some deep-breathing before/after each match might help settle the nerves :slight_smile:

I have the same issue! Im trying to do what sandwich said more now. I tell myself its just a game and smile before the match even starts no matter the salt!

I had the same issue for years.

Then I discovered Nujabes (rip).

Dear god yes, this is easily my biggest problem. Not so much in getting salty/mad, but I get really anxious, both online and in person when I play people I don’t know. When I play the same people I always play I’m find but in randoms I get all shakey to start and it fucks my inputs up to all hell, I drop all sorts of combos my first 30 minutes or so online in ranked. If I could find a way to stave off the anxiety and keep my head clear/hands solid I’d probably have double the win rate I currently have.

That seems like the most straight forward solution, but not always practical when it counts (at a tournament), plus then you have to consider tolerance, and increasing costs because of it. But trust me, I’ve considered it, lol.

Thinking happy thoughts and deep breathing is easy, but I’m not so sure it works. I will consciously give it a go tonight though.

Biggest is remember its just a game! Its fun and just a hobby!

I have no problems staying calm playing at home online. But playing at a tourney, when there’s a crowd watching the match? That took some adjustment, especially if there are people you don’t know heckling you.

I learned that the best way to stay calm is to pretend as though I’m having a casual match against a friend. That way I can be relaxed regardless of what the skill level is of my opponent, and not freak out when I get hit by some weird set-up.

A friend of mine can’t play like this. He has to be tense in order to play well, so to each their own.

Yeah, I wish that was an option for me lol, I’m sure it’d work since it definitely worked in other games back in the day(I’d get godlike in Halo 2 lol). g/f and I had to move back into my mom’s house a while back and neither would be cool with me smoking at home. :frowning:

Stay calm?
What I do is listen to my favorite kind of music while playing. Something uplifting to say the least no matter what mood you’re in. Been doing that a lot lately. But that’s only me.

I fucked up in a tournament yesterday due to the jitters. You nearly win the set 2-0, but then you make a mistake, and now you’re two rounds away from being eliminated in the loser’s bracket. Everything you do is with caution, and things you normally do you won’t cause you don’t wanna take risk.

Next thing you know, you’re losing a matchup that’s suppose to be in your favor.

I guess my advice would be to play the game and stop caring about rank placement or points. If you’re as good as you think, you shouldn’t have any worries. They’ll be other matches/tournaments.

Smoke a bowl

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You’d probably go crazy against someone in a tournament setting with people watching!

I used to freak out like that, but keep in mind if you lose it…you’re going to lose. Get that self confidence up! Try talking to the person you’re playing, warm up a little and get comfortable. I started losing it at a tournament once, but when I realized the money was about to slip out my fingers I manned the hell up.

There’s a lot of solutions behind this because no one has found a real remedy for this issue.

Problem is, you’re human, it’s only natural for you to get nervous in such situations.
Everyone gets nervous, some worse than others (even top players, I’ve seen them throw up before finals and they still perform well).

Thing is, all you can do is train enough so that even under heavy pressure you can still do do your setups, combos, or whatever.
That’s all you can really do.

Oh god lol I only listen to like…metal and hardcore punk, that’d just get me even more worked up.

This and smoking a bowl.

You need to focus more in your inner body and the game simultaneously than your opponent and what they can do. Yoga and chanting works too! I had to do it for my anxiety mid-way through attending an arcade every weekend. After a few weeks, I’ve noticed that I’m not too much into the yoga culture and all that shit but it’s helped me calm down when I used to get antsy and over-think myself.

Just go in with a “I don’t give a fuck attitude”

Nope!!! ur gonna get nervous/excited its natural…
The problem is u keep going back to ur comfort zone (training/arcade mode).
ill put my money on the player that’s played 2 hours against other people vs the player that spent 5+hours in training/arcade mode. Both are gonna be nervous, but one player is more adept at performing under stressful conditions.
(Not saying grinding it out in training mode is bad, u just need to find a balance.)