How to stop blanka vortex



I’m talking about blanka jump in, jab electricity, jab cross over then throw/jab or jab throw or jab/short elect untill you mess up. I tried throwing out a short during the process, but banka has frame advantage after electricity so it’s like a loop I can’t stop just defend untill I get thrown/frame trapped. What can I do to stop this? Im talking about that high quality blanka vortex you guys know the trap… thanks

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Honestly, this should be posted in the matchup thread, but it’s no huge deal.

This comes with the territory of playing such a character as Cody. His defensive options are weak, so any chances you see to get out have to be taken advantage of. Mixup characters seem quite scary as Cody, but you have to maintain your composure and not panic. Blocking is your best friend, don’t always be crouch-teching. Cody has few options in a mixup other than blocking. The big thing is EX Zonk. Practically all your meter should be spent on Zonk and fadc’ing said Zonk. Dealing tons of damage to Blanka isn’t your main priority, because once you get in and get him on his back, he has few options. But anyway, back to defense.

Block. I can’t stress this enough. If you aren’t at a huge life disadvantage, you can eat a few throws, that’s not a huge deal. Zonking properly should be simple once you learn the Blanka players habits. The next thing is just playing defensively in general. Cody can keep Blanka out. This is a matchup where you want the opposing player to come at you. Zone him out with rocks and standing roundhouse. Anti-air. Don’t let him jump in on you. Hell, even picking up the knife will help you play footsies with Blanka. Yes, the mixup Blanka brings to the table is strong, but it’s not easy for him to start up against Cody, EX Zonk has tons of invincibility and Cody has a solid set of normals to use. Low short is good, but not during pressure unless you’re sure there’s a three frame gap for you to take advantage of.

Defending as Cody is a gamble, there’s no surefire way to stop anything. You just have to make the right reads and get the game into a neutral position where you can solidly beat Blanka before exploiting a mistake and punishing him heavily for it.


if you are not in the corner, when he starts the jab elect pressure, you can focus backdash it back dash has 8 frames of invinciblity that allows you to escape. if you are in the corner focus on just blocking at worse get thrown, if he crosses you in the corner good for you, you can backdash again. use zonk punch(ex) to knock out some teeth. and if you fall use the bad spray sparingly if blocked at max range can get you a lee way. when you learn to block he has only two things to do to you which are 1. throw 2. overhead both are dangerous against cody godlike 3 frame cLK. blanka has no 3 frame moves so kep that in mind, after blocking a jab elect just back dash, but dont over do it cos he can blanka ball your ass.


Censorlol is right. If you are going to play Cody you have to learn how to anti-air+Zonk(ex and non ex). From what it sounds like, you should easily be able to Zonk through this. And considering Blanka’s high jump arc, I’m pretty sure you can easily b+mp his jump in. If it’s a meaty jump in then happy birthday! you can use the EX criminal upper here!

That’s another thing. Practice using the EX criminal upper meaty. That’s the only way it works against attacks.Think of it as a push block from mvc. Time it with a connecting hit.

Patience is the key to playing Cody. Up until you learn to patiently defend yourself, you will find yourself getting blown up all day.


You can’t block forever and expect to win,so find holes in your opponents offense,B+Mp crossup attempts(Or slide) EX criminal upper any pattern teched throws.


Blanka doesn’t have a vortex, stop pretending it exists and you can just jab him out of hop crap and you won’t struggle with it. Anything canceled into hop is massive negative frames.

He has 2


so constantly trying to cross someone up goes for a vortex now? lol.

first of all, anti air blanka. hes a really easy character to anti air, b+mp beats all his jumps. if hes goign for crossups, either, dash forward, d+mk slide or jump back jab will beat their attempt to cross you up. if you’re good at it, doing a late b+mp in the opposite direction can anti air cross ups as well, but imo its hard to be consistent with

if he does manage to get in, just pay attention to what he does. after a while you can tell when he’s going for throws or jab xx electricity. if he jumps in and hes not doing a jab, start teching, if he jumps and you see a jab but he isnt cancelling into electricity, start teching. if you see jab xx electricity, mentally prepare yourself for either:
a)another jumpin
b)st. mp (i believe) cancelled into hop which you can jab him out of
c)a cr hk.


This actually isn’t true, Blanka’s beats cody’s

what if blanka just delays and does or

Also isn’t cancelable and blanka has way more options out of a blocked elec. Play a good Blanka


i was not sure what button he can cancel into hop, doesnt really matter now does it? i have never seen a blanka use his mp jumpin, but i must say i have never faced a “high” level blanka. the ones i have played never gave me much trouble. i have not taken empty jumps into consideration either. again, the blanka’s i did play i never had any problems dealing with their jumps.

im not really sure what other options he has out of a blocked electricity. care to eleborate? electricity kinda pushes you away so there is no direct threat of a throw. what can he do to make me stop blocking after a blocked electricity then?

EDIT: I just tried blanka’s jumpin mp and had no trouble anti airing it with b+mp… it did trade when i was a little late with my b+mp


Kind of does!

His has the best hitbox out of any of his jumpins. It’s capable of stuffing dps.

Walk forward for second rep of jab xx elec, walk forward kara throw, safeball, and he can frame trap very effectively here with about 6-7 different moves.

try it at max range, which is a little farther than the starting position at the start of a round. Cody can walk forward if he wasn’t busy whiffing something, but then Blanka can empty jump here as well.