How to stop crouching uppercut?

Hi guys,

I play a buddy who constantly likes to crouch and block and wait for you to jump to him, and then constantly do a crouching uppercut, which always seems to hit you no matter what. I’ve tried doing a jumping hurricane kick with Ken/Ryu, but it even hits you out of that. For some weird reason, even if I’m way above him, it will still connect and knock me out of the sky. Straight forward attacks he’s ready for either with fireballs, crouching jabs or low kicks if I try to grab him, or he’ll be ready with the Shoryuken, and if you are at a distance, jumping obviously is the best way to advance and attack.

My question to you guys is this, what is the best way to nullify that constant crouching uppercut he does with Ken/Ryu when I jump to him?


Dont jump and play the ground game.

That’s not always an option. As you know arial attacks are very effective, and like I said, he covers straight ahead attacks fairly well. So how best to get around this?

Dont jump and play the ground game.

Well… learning that is kind of the point of Street Fighter. No one here can help you with your problem. If he has superior footsies you need to improve footsies. If his defense is too good then you need to improve your offense. Throws, tick-throws, kara-throws, frame-traps etc.

Air attacks aren’t effective really if you keep getting anti-aired. That’s why you need to improve your ground game.

This really is a question you should ask in the newbie saikyo dojo since there are more people who will offer you advice there.

Stop jumping.

Okay then, since I usually play with Ryu/Ken, Gouken, and Chun-Li, what strategies can you guys offer that would be really good ground game?

Read this all the way through, then think about how you can apply it to your game. Read it more than once - maybe you read it all now, try to apply it for a few weeks, then come back and see if there’s more you understand at a fundamental level. It’s interesting and light reading but very informational and will help you a lot.

“Don’t jump” is good advice in almost any Street Fighter game. SF is built in a way where most characters have really good options against jump ins that they can do on reaction to the jump. you must earn your way in on the ground and you do this by outplaying your opponent in the zoning (fireballs), footsies (pokes and strong normals), and mixup (high/low/throw guessing games) you can do safely.

also watch matches of great players who play your character. watch how they approach the matches, think about it in the context of the footsie handbook you just read, and think about how you can apply what they’re doing to your own game.

good luck. realize it will take time to really understand and apply all of this but also know that you are now on the road to actually playing the game the way good players play it.

Thanks. I’ll check that link out. :slight_smile:

you’re predictable if you get hit every time you stay on the ground walking inside his normal range.
Now you need to learn the “footsies”.
You need to bait his normals walking in and out of his effective range and punish the whiffed normal. That’s how you beat people that push buttons crouching.
And you probably need to react faster and choose some better (faster) buttons in your offense to counter hit his ones.

Hmmm… Thanks. You guys have some great feedback. I’ll definitely try to work on that!

Start using Sakura and use her jumping heavy punch

Jeez all these guys talking about improving ground game and learning not to jump like a leapfrog all the time when theres clearly a much easier option