How to stop flying rushdown?



i just left the game for a wee month, and my level just got scrubbier. my green team, a-rolento, bison, r2terry, just got OCVed by a morrigan who uses flying as a low jump and crossed me up all over. how do you stop this rushdown? especially for my characters with bad defense?


As a huge Morrigan fan, I’m probably betraying a lot of Morrigan players out there by offering some help on this. :slight_smile: But do take my advice with a grain of salt: when I play Buktooth from NorCal, his Morrigan destroys me regardless with Air Rush Downs.

(Note: I’m gonna refer to Morrigan’s tricks as “Run” just because that’s what it really is: her Run).

But the best way to stop am Air Rush-Down Morrigan is to just be aware that she has that option, and to keep it ALWAYS in your mind. Remember that the two times she is most likely to Rush you down with the “Run” is after she knocks you down or after you Block/Get hit by one. So a Morrigan from far away may do Running Forward and then do another Running Forward right away. If you blocked the first one, she’s hoping to catch you with the second one. And it happens a LOT after Knock Downs. If you are knocked down, you are aware she may Run at you. When she does, you stand to Block, so she does another one so that you Crouch and get nailed by the second Run.

The way to stop this is to be aware she has this option. When you get up, if you have an anti-air, use it (like a DP). If you don’t, Block and immediately Crouch. Now just be aware that she may Run again. As soon as you see her do, stand with a Jab or a Strong or whichever move hits in front of you high quickly.

When she is close enough, though, so that her Run will get behnd you and Cross you up, the only thing you can do is turn around and Block the correct way. But once you Block at that distance, MOST Morrigans will go for a broken Chain (like Crouch Short -> Crouch Strong, and then stop) and maybe try to dash again. Remember to Stand Jab there if you see her go into the air.

It’s really that distance you need to be aware of: when she can Run and hit you from the front and land sorta on top of you. Try to make sure you keep her away from you so she can’t cross-up as well so that when you see her Run, you can Jab her out of the air.

Granted, this takes a LOT of practice and getting used to, and it’s not easy. As I said, I’m aware of the distances and positioning Morrigan uses (since I use her a lot), but I get owned up by Buktooth’s Morrigan everytime. So it’s just something you gotta get used to and unless you have a good Morrigan player to practice against, it’s kinda tough…

Hope that helps a little… even though the only thing I really said , if you sum it all up, was “Stand up and Jab”. lol

  • James


I rarely get hit with a wakeup when flying. If you time it right the crossup can’t be DP’d. I usually only have to do this the first few times to drill it in the opponents heads that they can do a wake up (they CAN, but they usually won’t once they get stuffed a couple of times). My advice is, don’t get knocked down = P… Morrigan isn’t as linear as “flying kick, b&b, knockdown, repeat”. Whenever I see an opponent get “scared” that’s when I start doing command grabs:p