How to Stop Iron Man Guard Break?

Is it possible to stop the guard break?

Just pushblock when you get hit by it so it delays. It usually fucks the person up. The (unblockable?) guardbreak sj.lp, ad/f, sj.lp, u + fp is a bitch to get out of. Basically you have to hope the person screws up.

Either pushblock or don’t die.

Should I push block and then follow it up with a special move or should i juss push block?

Hmm, I forgot if you can do a special afterwards, but try it out. Usually a normal pushblock works fine unless you are playing demon hyo, then you’re fucked. :wink:

the unescapables you can’t get out of (this is the unescapable i use, although i think this other guy came up with another one) j.up+fp, sj.lp, ad/f, sj.lp, sj.up+fp…i think the other one the guy mentioned somewhere else was sj.up+fp, ad/f sj.lp, sj.up+fp…those you can’t get out of no matter what you do. [pushblock, block, take the hit…all do not work, although your best bet is to take the hit then block, sometimes people use this and get used to people pushblocking and sometimes do not ad/f sj.lp fast enough for it to combo]

basic im guardbreak is j.up+fp, infinite. you pushblock to escape that guardbreak, although, you can play mindgames with this guardbreak.

those are going to be the basic IM guardbreaks you encounter

another unescapable i think is the j.up+fp, s.rh, flyin screen setup, but they can’t end it with a pc like that so i mean…iono, dun worry about it, shit, juss don’t get hit by Ironman’s slow tri jump

Iight, now that were on the topic what is the easiest/best way to combo into Iron Mans infinite when on the ground?

Well here’s one for the corner and one for all around:

Corner:, sj.fp, ad/f,, sj.fp, otg,, infinite.

Anywhere:, neutral sj.fp, ad/df, sj.lp (or i think lk works too),, sj.u +fp, land, j.fp, infinite.

Another one anywhere:

c.lp, c.lp, sj cancel, ad/df, sj.lp,, sj. u+fp, inf.

search for the oldest IM thread made my cerebral assassin…there is no reason to ask this, and those mentioned are not the best ways…unless you can do launch, sj.up+fp, ad/d, sj.lp, sj.fp all the time, japanese setups are ur best bet, there are a ton of them.