How to stop someone



how do you stop someone who keeps jumping over you over and over and poking and doing jumping uppercuts.

I know crouch and Heavy punch but that take soo long
and medium punch.

isnt there anything easier?


this mostly happens against Chunli and ryu ken and sagat.
very annoying


Seriously, AAing with Rog’s cr. HP is as easy as it can get. You just need a bit more match up experience so you can get the timing down, I think.


hop hop hop hop hop
I wanna kill myself.


played this guy 3 times in a row, lost all of em and he just hops on each side of me and rapes the shit outa me


just played another ryu, jump jump
The prob is
he jumps with kick or jumps short and then either uppercuts you or low kicks.

soo big guessing game.


Once he’s at that range, where he can cross you up, it’s tough luck. Back-dash (FADC even) out of there when you see an opening and try to keep him out of that range. When he’s jumping on you from bit further away, cr.fierce does wonders.


Any experienced Boxers know what to do with crossup-happy Ryu’s? This one guy I played just non stopped crossup over and over. I blocked them all but of course they were followed by then hadouken, or he’d mix it up with a grab. The chip damage was wearing me away and I felt helpless. I tried to play aggressive, bam, shoryuken, I played defensive, got chipped/thrown out.

I know Boxers wakeup options are weak, but this was ridiculous. TAP failed badly, the only way I could get out was ex headbutt (that’s if I had meter…). And WTF at Ryu’s cr.short? It’s insanely fast and has more priority than any of Boxers moves? The hell?

Need some serious help. Other than the constant crossups, I have no problems with Ryu.


same prob :frowning: they ge tin close and hop around i get owned. Then i have a prob closing in, more so on akuma though.


jump back HP.

the end.



I personally prefer fox’s suggestion of jump back fierce because of the damage as well as walk back standing strong.


that was easy enough.


Alright, ignoring the video, say you’ve been knocked down, and you know you’re gonna get crossed up on wakeup, what do you do?


man, seriously its stupid with ryu any fing noob can beat me
its sick

Just get in close and mash
then do whirlwind kick EX its donzore
seriously why am i playing… i want to get better. but i cant do it.
i just suck soo bad
Im reallllllly pissed right now. Vent vent


FADC, jump back hp, or just block the opposite direction. The last one can be hard if you are new, but trust me… you are going to need to learn to do it sooner or later or else people are just going to keep abusing you


Depends on the circumstances. If you’re positive that the cross-up isn’t a safe jump then you can attempt to cross-up headbutt it. Otherwise you can ex dash away, tap away, auto-correct armor cancel into ultra (very risky), just block it and react to the mixup, or you could even try to wakeup fadc it (absorb the jump in, backdash away from the follow up). There are probably a few options that I’ve forgotten too. Even though Rogs wakeup game is crap (some would disagree with me about that) you’re still far from helpless after a knockdown.

There’s no one right answer. There are different solutions for different situations.


Xaaz is king of visual explanations. So very valuable to the Rog board. Thanks man.


Hmm, I’d say I have a decent Boxer, but this is the only thing that’s killing my game right now. I mean, I get knocked down, ok, so then I see Ryu walk into the sweet spot for a cross up on wakeup. I can’t jump hp, can’t headbutt (the crossup hits on headbutt startup…) same with dash straight. TAP is hit and miss for me, but doesn’t work most of the time. The only thing that’s pretty much guaranteed safe to do is block it, but then you have to up up with his close game shenanigans. As great as Boxers cr.lp is, it just gets flat out beaten by Ryu’s


i wonder how hard it is to watch the video, go into training record a ryu doing whatever he does tahts kiling you, and then playback and keep trying to avoid it over and over? Everybody has already made a perfect explanation and also a visual. if you can’t do that…maybe you should play somebody else. lol


Poke -> cross-up is one of the oldest tactics in Street Fighter. Jump back fierce/roundhouse (doesn’t work that well against shoto short), neutral jump attack and air throw are the traditional ways of deal with this. In SFIV you can forward dash, FA dash etc depending on the spacing and timing.

You should focus on the main problem though - you’re probably focusing too much on crouch tech so you waste precious frames on instead of just getting out of the way in the first place.