How to stop throw+S mash?

So I fought a hulk today who in the beginning walks towards me, and is mashing throw / S.

he threw me a bunch of times in a row, so when i went to counter throw, we quickly broke away, and he gets another throw after that.

next time i got two break aways, then going for a third i got hulk smashed with S.

i was being taken out of every super i had with the throw, even nemesis “unstoppable combo” , tried dooms photon array and spear flame, as well as Firebrands fire, just thrown out every time.

what should i do to get around this? besides hope. when i run in the beginning, i usually get backed into the corner, even if i get around him, he goes for jumping S, standing S, and i really cant get through it, and when i block enough, throws come again.

my team is Doom,Brand,Nem.

You have Doom, so shoot him with lasers? I had a friend who kinda experienced the same bullying issues with my Hulk. Started every round throwing or hitting him with 5H, so I typically had an advantage any time he wanted to stand toe to toe. If he moved back, I had already gained momentum by pushing him towards the corner, where Hulk does whatever the hell he wants.

My best advice is to honestly just keep moving and never let yourself get cornered. Doom’s zoning tools are fantastic and his mobility is far better than Hulk’s so running and blasting should work pretty effectively. Also remember that Hulk’s S is grotesquely unsafe, so if you block that (try not to pushblock it) he’s going to eat 800k or more.

Thanks for the advice. I was indeed trying to Doom laser him, but he was jumping my forward laser, and evading my air diagonal ones. I suppose i could have timed the better, I was just getting frustrated. I’m no novice to fighters, just this game lol.

I did try to punish his standing S, only to eat another one or be thrown in to the throw S mix up. I suppose i could go to training to learn the timing on a punish, but it didnt seem like i had too much time to get in safely after a blocked S.

Yes i hate this, my roommate and i play all the time and all his does is H or S with hulk, the invincibility on those moves is crazy, i just get bullied by it. I use wolverine, sentinel/ ryu, frank west.

First off, there isn’t any invincibility on either move. H has 1 hit of armor, S has 0 armor and gets counter hit all day long. Wolverine should maul hulk. If he does H or S, just block then punish. if he is canceling into AA gamma charge, push block the up portion and the down followup will whiff right in front for ez mode punish. Soon as you get him being defensive from punishing hard once or twice, instant overheads and low mixups will break him open all day long.

or just jump