How to stop yang



::insert wisdom:: (high level lots of slashes)


SA1 Anti-air.

Walk-back and bait super jumps… punish with jumping hurricane. 'least thats what Paul Wall did to me a few times.

Standing fierce is a relatively safe poke against Yang, so long as you don’t whiff it.

Standard akuma/shoto stuff still applies on wake-up. They just hurt a lot more in this match.

Carefully throw out air fireballs to help you zone in.

Ground roundhouse hurricane can be a pain for the twins – on wake-up you can almost treat it like a DP.

Overall, I think in this match whoever is playing the safest should win – defensively and offensively. The risks in this match-up are extremely high for both characters.


This is definitely Akumas worst match. All hurricanes can be punished on block with full ex slash combos. Don’t jump hurricane either. Shoto basics is what will win you this match. Demon flips can work too. Sometimes you can option parry after blocked slashes and catch them trying to lock you down with block stun. If there’s anything specific you’re wondering about ask away.


This was on console but, I’ve noticed that if you close hp or close mk xx lk demon flip throw (most of the time) the will try to mk launcher, the throw lands, their kick whiffs and it’s wake up game time. IDK if they always time it wrong, don’t expect it, or if it actually works but like anything in this game, don’t do it too much or they will find a way out of it and butt fuck you with a sandpaper condom. I find myself using the kara throw after 2 blocked slashes a lot as well. Maybe it’s just me but I find akuma’s options while yang is waking up much greater than his options to defend. See above about the hk tatsu :slight_smile:


block a lot.

Demon flip out when knocked down/cornered

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significance behind f+mp? edit. am i just looking to deep into this?


It’s fine if you jump hurricane on reaction to Yang/Yun jumping first, or super jumping towards you. It can murder twins since they often try to get in through dive kicks.

Example: [media=youtube]p6mZT2skWVc&feature=channel_page[/media]

In this video, Wall wasn’t doing it on reaction but in anticipation. Still, you can see how it’s working on me. At 0:36 I try to punish it with jumping roundhouse… :sad: I lose over half life as a result.

Even if you do like at 0:26, it’s not that bad of a risk at the beginning at the round because you have plenty of life to spare.

Ugh, I got wreckless/impatient at the end. :shake:


i know what it is to get your face put in the mud by team hate\ more specifically wall. gas for the flames man. on a side note, i know i can punish second slash, second\4th ex slash, his dumb roll thing, super, am i missing anything even if its a little specific?


I’ll agree that a well placed air to air tatsu works wonders for turning the match around, but a poorly placed one leaves you incredibly vulnerable, and it only takes 1 ex slash combo to give Yang the momentum he needs. I use them against Yang, but sparingly. Mainly to keep some fear of being too jumpy. Yangs will jump quite a bit anyway, but I don’t consider it safe enough against Yang for it to be viable that often. Against Yun, go crazy.


Air Hurricane kicks aren’t very useful against a good Yang. Yang’s air-to-air really rapes Akuma’s if used properly. A jumping fierce punch from Yang pretty much beats my air hurricane kicks period in almost any situation.


I haven’t played 3S in a long time, but I remember there’s a certain range where you can DP Yang (and Yun) out of dive kicks on reaction. I was playing Yun when I noticed this, so I’m not sure if that overlaps with Yang’s slash range. But I seem to remember that it was somewhere around 3/4ths of the screen.


what the hell do you do against his ground game though? it can be hard to just avoid =x.


shoto footsies. akuma is buff on the ground. yang can dodge most of akumas gimmicks, which makes him a difficult matchup, but if you are really clueless what to do, I’d say you need to overhaul your ground game. I wouldn’t be afraid to get hit by hop kicks in favor of blocking down more often, but try to keep pressure on yang.


I don’t know how valid any of my advice is going to be considering I lose terribly to yang (most of the time) but>ex slashes, but that is mostly luck and if you get hit you pay big for it, all I know is my friend gets so agitated by light hits its not funny. Also I know that reaches him if he only does 2 normal slashes. I find it a better option to block low most of the time unless he ranges for the UoH to lk into ex slashes thats some dangerous stuff.

I really don’t think any of that will be too helpful but my 2 cents anyway.

Oh yeah the one thing that works alot of the time is after you block a dive kick you can grab or at least attempt.


dude when i ask about yang i got kofriend in mind…with that said, my footies are weak =x.


Yang has really been giving me trouble lately. He gets up so fast after a knockdown, he locks you in blockstun with the slashes and I’m lost on anti-airs.

I feel like this guy is impossible to beat on the ground


hit him in the mouth only need to do it once or twice, pick your spot


This also works (and it’s even easier imo) if you’re Yang against Gouki, don’t think your “advice” will help him at all…
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