How to: Streaming on an Arcade Machine?


Is there any way you could be able to stream or record footage directly from an arcade machine?


you’ll have to re-wire your jamma harness or do some extender hack… but you can use this

and get an hdmi signal from your jamma arcade to capture it with any modern hdmi converter


Darn, that seems complicated. I have no idea how to convince a mall arcade to do this.


Oh, I thought that this was an arcade cabinet in your basement.

Keep in mind that this would also depend on the arcade cabinet and platform that’s in there; that would determine what type of video signal is being used.
Older cabinets and platforms (like CPS2, CPS3, Neo-Geo) only run on JAMMA, so video comes out as RGBS, whereas even semi-new cabinets and platforms (like the Naomi) can output in VGA.


The cabinets I was planning on messing with are Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken 7. So do you think the output could still be messed with? I’d send pictures, but I the mall’s closed at this late hour (9pm Philippine Standard Time).


Some quick Googling shows that both the TTT2 and T7 board support VGA out (I think); so you might be ok on that.


Plus confirm if they are the actual arcade boards or console in the cab


They’re the original machines. With Bana Passports and everything.