How to succeed with execution heavy characters online/ in lag


When most people play very basic characters who have more health and do more damage I laggy situations. How to adapt

Examples would online SF4 Gen
Or Viper vs Ryu or Goukrn; Umvc3 Jill Viper Morrigan or Magnus vs sayyyy… Hulk or Cap

It always seems like i struggle compensating for the execution barrier online .


You play offline. That’s why netcode is such an issue, because execution suffers under laggy conditions.


You have to practice until you can do your combos blindfolded. I may be wrong about this, but AFAIK combo timings are the same relative to each other online as well as offline, so even in laggy situations your muscle memory wont be affected. or play offline.


Lag can cause dropped inputs, so even if you input your combos the same as always, you could drop your combo anyway. Not to mention the detrimental effect it has on footsies, anti-airing, blocking and everything else reaction-based.


When talking about a variable input delay type netcode like what SF4 uses, you’re definitely wrong about that. The amount of input lag can and will change through out the match, depending on the quality of the connection you have with the other person.

TLDR: online SF4 is pretty bad. Find people to play with locally.


Ah my bad, must have confused intermittent lag with “stable” lag like from monitor, console, etc. Thanks for clarifying!


Just accept the fact that you won’t land every combo and not get salty. the Online environment can work for you and against you from moment to moment. The best way to look at online is you are training to get that hit on a moving character. If you got the combo down in training mode, then go to online and get that first hit but drop that combo midway thru, so what :slight_smile: When you play in person you will have the experience of landing that first hit and then have the proper environment to finish it. This is very important as it seems that in ultra not only are inputs being dropped, but registered wrong if the connection is xtra bad