How to successfully pull off a roundtrip on a pad

Hey yall,

I’m a PAD player and I’ve been trying to pull off Vergil’s loop. However, because I’m playing with a pad, it’s really hard to hold the L button while doing M, H, S, H. I even tried to use the 1 button dash (R2) in place of H, S, H. Can any other pad player give me some tip on this please?

Thanks in advance.

left trigger/l2 as L button
1 button dash (r2 for you) as M+H

hold L on trigger button and do stuff as usual

What Felinoter said. I’m a pad user as well and put l in the 2nd left shoulder button.
I don’t think I’d be able to do it consistently with out it. Same goes with Zero.

I don’t understand how people can play with L2 as light button unless you’re REALLY comfortable charging with your middle finger. Otherwise you can’t call whatever assist you have on L1 while you’re charging.

I use L1 as my light button for that reason. I’d much rather be compressing my index finger for long periods of time and only occasionally using my middle finger than vice versa (middle finger hurts like hell if I hold it down too long). Vergil doesn’t need to charge for the whole match like Zero so it’s not as big of an issue for him I guess, but if you wanna be able to charge and call assists comfortably, I suggest putting your L button on L1 or R1, rather than L2 or R2.

Actually, I personally hold it down with my middle finger,
allowing me to use my index finger for the L1 assist…

I meant middle finger, my bad.

Anyway, my middle finger starts to hurt A LOT if I hold it down for like 1 match.

Idk, I play on the xbox controller and my fingers don’t hurt or
cramp at all. My hands aren’t all that big maybe that’s why?
Also, I don’t use my assist all that much so yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:

I usually only use my L1 assist in combos so its never been a problem for me.

lol you guys are crazy for using it on the left side anyways that’s where my assists go and i’m too focused on constantly moving to hold a button with the same hand

anywho i set l/a to r2 and my r1 is my dash which is use a whole bunch the reason i bring this up is because when i’m using vergil i stoping using the r1 for dashes and just hold r2 with my index finger and when i need to dash which is frequently i use 2 of the face buttons triangle and circle to be exact
but i always have a round trip charged up that’s just what works for me hopefully one of our suggestions helps

i use dualshock with default controls. I actually hold L normally. I grew up playin MMX games where i hold buster the whole time so im used to it lol

I just hold SQUARE with my thumb and if I need TRIANGLE just hit it with the other side of my thumb while still holding on to SQUARE.

I use the claw method.

what about pressing circle?

yeah i guess that would be pretty effective too

I use SF inputs in the way that my L, M, H is SQUARE, TRIANGLE, R1. CIRCLE is my 1 button X-Factor.

I change both L2 and R2 into L trigger. (Just push both M+H with my thumb for dashes, advancing guard, super, etc.) I have both Zero and Vergil in my team. and for Zero, if I need L1 assist, I switch my charge into R2 and if I need R1 assist, I switch into L2 charge.