How to superjump cancel Magneto's crouching roundhouse?


I’ve tried and tried and tried to do this… any suggestions, I haven’t managed to pull it off once…

trying to learn some BnB’s and this just threw a huge wrench into that plan lol… is it exactly like it sounds like? Does it go like

Crouching Roundhouse, immediately jump or Crouching roundhouse, quickly tap down then uf for the superjump after the sweep…


It should be Cr.RH [SJC] ~ whatever with the [SJC] being 2,8 to cancel the 2RH.

You should check in the MvC2 forums.


Just to clarify what is the combo you’re messing up?
its really not that hard at all, all i can think of is that your doing it late. are you trying to do an are you using it after an otg or just on a standing opponent?

#4 before it hits tap down and just as it hits tap up.

I just do it and don’t think about it anymore but I think that’s how it goes.


Embarrassingly enough, its supposedly one of the most basic of basic magneto combos/more of a blockstring than anything else…

butdeep breath it goes like this…

Triangle jump hp, crouching lk, sweep, sj cancel repeat…

Yeah I suck at this game hard… never tried playing this game seriously, I only played it a handful of times on arcade before the xbl release sadly…


Got it… mash the fuck out of down during and before the sweep and then press up… don’t know any other way to get but if works consistently so whatever… thks…

EDIT: Nvrmind know how to do it legit, you superjump AFTER the roundhouse hits… this was mad fucking easy… I thought it was the exact moment the crouching roundhouse hits…


Funny you made this topic because I was trying to figure this out yesterday too. The SJC is delayed that’s really the only trick to it.


Glad I made this thread… sj cancels have the be the best glitch in the game imo… Cable also has one too(standing roundhouse) that you can sj cancel for the AHVB…

Magneto has two other moves that can be cancelled for infinites but I’m not even going to try to get that down consistently yet…

For the time being I think I’ll just stick with Team Scrub(because that’s what I am atm) until I get the hang of Mag-fucking Neto’s crazy execution requirements…


Bulldancer we should run games because I’m in the same boat as you. Maybe later tonight? I’m working on matrix and MSP.


two other easy infinite-able launches are standing strong and standing roundhouse. If you time it properly you can start the infinite off the launch itself, not needing to fierce and air dash down after em.


I’m probably way worse than you, still scrub level lol… but I’m down… matter in fact I’m on right now… ready when you are probably be on till 8… are you on the East Coast or West Coast? Because that’s only 5 where you would be at if you are on the WC…


SJC isn’t a glitch.

And stop saying TK AHVB is a SJC because it isn’t.


I always thought that roundhouse to ahvb was a sjc



Standing roundhouse into AHVB IS a sjc.


No it isn’t. The command is:

5HK ~ 23698+PP. There’s no SJC there. Additionally Cable is normal jump mode from the TK so there’s no way it could be a SJC that way (it just recovers fast enough akin to other SJCed moves that it doesn’t matter).

You CAN SJC it by doing 5HK ~ SJC ~ 236+PP, but that’s unnecessary.


Uh… yes there is. 5HK ~ 23698+PP The 2 and 9 count toward the super jump AND the AHVB.

You don’t need to go all the way straight up. You can see the flash of the super jump as Cable jumps up. I think the reason you’re thinking its a NJ is that a very common screw up is doing j.HP afterwards instead of AHVB, which cuts your jump arc to look like a normal jump.


Do a AHVB at the very apex of a super jump and mash LP on your way down. Cable will squeeze out a jLP at the last moment if you did it high enough - he appears to fall as though he were in normal jump mode, but it’s actually just the slow recovery of AHVB. Also if he were in normal jump mode, he would be able to call an assist on the way down.

And yeah, stRH to AHVB is a super jump cancel, at least the way most people do it.

You CAN do without it by doing xx Scimitar xx AHVB, or waiting until after the stRH to super jump, but that’s unnecessary and is at least eight times harder than just sjcing it (that being why everyone does it with the sjc).


it’s crouching roundhouse, let the stick go to neutral, then immediately down then up (superjump cancel), and tri jump roundhouse onto them which otgs. Hope this is what you are trying to do. It’s one of mags infinite setups btw.


Ah okay, I see my misunderstanding. Also I didn’t realize the TK motion stuffs the SJC in there - the motions do overlap. I just tested and you see the little “jump graphic” that appears when a character superjumps so yeah its is SJC.

My mistake, thanks for correcting me guys. :china:


Goddamn Mags execution requirements… I just finished learning how to do his ROM infinite for two reps and now this:crybaby:

Just tried to pull this off a while ago but the ad.df hk didn’t come out quick enough… is there some kind of trick to getting that hk out immediately after the airdash or I’m just fucking up…