How to: Swap Madcatz 360 parts for PS3 Parts

I’ve had a customer come through that wanted his TE dualmodded and also to have a SE Stick for a trash stick for guests. So I instructed him to buy a 360 SE stick… so I could swap the parts, making the TE stick a 360 Dualmodded Stick and the SE a PS3 stick…

Heres what you need to do to swap the parts

Firstly Open up both sticks, theres guides elsewhere for that…

Then inside you will notice that the internals are not the same, the PS3 has ONE board that hides behind the turbo area, whilst the 360 has Two boards one that controls home and guide, and the other that controls the buttons and directions.

Take off the guide panel from the TE and remove the screws and the board

Next Remove the board for the buttons in the TE… more on this later, remember to be careful removing the quick disconnects.

Remove the boards from the SE, you dont need to remove the turbo/home enclosure, just the board, also remove the 360 control board,

And Then the quick disconnects board.

Solder in the PS3 Board to the 360’s USB cable…

Then screw in the ps3 board back into place, and then connect the JLF cable into it… pay careful attention to which side is ground as they are different on the 360 and PS3 (a simple rotation of the end that plugs into the JLF is all you need)

Now correctly put in the buttons back on in the right order, use the other stick as a guide for this

And test it out, your pretty much done on the SE now

With the TE you the place to screw in the bigger board is still there, so all you need to do is solder in the USB cables, screw in the turbo/guide board and screw that down, and then put the quick disconnects for the buttons on.


Now theres a variant on this, as i said before you cant exchange the PSHOME button for the 360 Guide button on the faceplate, they have little notches that are different from eachother and dont just slide into place… so you can do what i did and leave the black TE faceplate the same but with a 360 board behind it, and you can still see the lights behind it for the controller.


You can just swap the faceplates over too with the boards, the only difference is that you will have a black faceplate on the SE and a White faceplate on the TE.

This isnt such a problem if you are doing this from a TE to a TE… but then if thats the case whats the point really, just dualmod the 360 one and leave the PS3 one alone!

Thats really it… its more of a hassle than anything else.

After that Installing a Chimp/MC Cthulhu is as easy as pie.

Thanks for reading, hope this helped!.